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    Breknbrn's Fallout 3 (360)

    [September 14, 2009 07:18:42 PM]

    Fallout 3 is a first-person RPG. You start off in an underground vault as just a little kid. When you grow up your dad decides to leave the vault and wander out in the wasteland for some unknown reason. You decide to follow your dad out of the vault and into the wasteland to learn why he left. During your journey in the wasteland you do a lot of quest to try to find your dad and why he left the vault in the first place. While doing the main quests you learn that your dad is involved with something called Project Purity. Project Purity is a machine that purifies water so that it doesn't have any radiation in it. Your dad dies while trying to complete project purity but fails and you decide to take his place.

    Gameplay: Hour 1

    For the first hour I really enjoyed using the new weapons that I got from the aliens. The cut scenes made it feel like I was really being abducted by aliens. The aliens looked like the way aliens are usually generalized as, little green men.
    The spaceship was huge and I had to do a lot of exploring to find out where I was supposed to be going. The aliens were easily killed with one or two shots to the head. Their guns that I picked up turned whoever was killed with them to ashes half of the time or I blew their heads clean off of them.
    I met some other people that had been abducted as well. With their help I went around the ship trying to find a way back to Earth. After a while I got to the engine core and in a room next to the engine room there was a lab that had some people frozen in cryotubes. I unfroze them a learned that they consisted of an army medic, a cowboy, a Japanese samurai, and an astronaut. The astronaut died after I unfroze them. That is as far as I got to during my first hour of gameplay.

    Gameplay: Hour 2

    For the second hour I finished playing the add-on and because I was caught up in the game I went well past an hour of gameplay. As I continued to explore the ship I disabled the engine by destroying some power generators. The generators were in the cryolab, and the robot assembly room. I didnít like the fact that it took me almost 45 minutes to destroy the generator in the robot assembly room because it was unclear where to go until I was attacked by an alien drone. After I destroyed both of the generators I had to go out into space. I was kind of disappointed because I didnít get to do much while I was out in space. I kind of wanted to shoot some aliens that could have been flying around with jetpack or something.
    When I got back inside the ship I learned that the aliens were going to destroy the Earth with a death ray. To do this I had to shut down some more generators to disable the death ray from firing for a while. After that I went up to the control room to take out the rest of the aliens. Taking over the control room was way too easy. There were only two enemies in the entire control room and the captain was just as easy to kill as any of the other aliens. That really disappointed me. I soon got over that when another spaceship appeared and I had to take it out with the death ray. What I really liked about this was that I could sit in the captainís chair and fire the death ray like I was a real captain. I also like the fact that they made it more difficult because groups of aliens came in from time to time during the firefight. When I destroyed the second spaceship it exploded like the death star in Star Wars. With the destruction of the second spaceship the quest was complete and I was able to go back to Earth.

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    Breknbrn's Fallout 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 12 September, 2009

    Breknbrn's opinion and rating for this game

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