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    dbGamer's Guitar Hero 5 (Wii)

    [September 13, 2009 09:39:38 PM]
    Gamelog Entry 1

    The game is Guitar Hero 5.
    Basically you use a controller (a guitar, drum, microphone) to play the notes of a song that are being streamed on the screen. You can play individually using one type of controller, or you can play in a band using several controllers. Your band members can be there with you or online. You can also play freestyle to background music provided, or make the whole song yourself.

    You can create an individual avitar and play songs at different difficulty levels trying to get the high score. You can also create a band and try to finish ďgigsĒ (sets of songs).

    Iíve played several other versions of the game and they are all pretty similar. The graphics are cartoonlike and targetted for a teen audience. The layouts and features are similar enough, between all the versions, that you can easily navigate the instructions and determine what is going on durning the game.

    This version seems to have less of a kiddie feel. The scenes between songs go quicker with less animations. The avitars that play are about the same, most are rather punk.

    The storyline for the career area doesnít seem to attempt to engage the player as much as other versions. Itís more just play the 4 songs correctly and move to the next gig. Thereís no scenes about so and so wanting to sign you up to a contract, or a headline from the paper about how great the band was at the gig. I kind of miss that part. It gave you more of a sense of accomplishment.

    I didnít play the online group part, but I could see that that would be pretty fun. You could meet random people that are at your same level. Iíll bet its always hard to find a good drummer.

    I think the most important part about the fun factor is the songs. If you like the songs youíll like the game. This game has 85 songs from a wide varitey of artists. Itís probably enough songs for everyone to find songs they know and like, with a few they didnít know, but like.

    2nd Gamelog Entry
    This time I took some time to modify one of the avitars. There are quite a few modifications you can make: clothes (type and color), peircings, sun glasses, accessories, etc. I can see where this would be fun for certain demograpics (girls? Yes). You can pick the avitars for the whole band. Strangely, the gender of the singer doesnít have to match the gender of who actually sings the song.

    One of the innovations of this version is that you can have up to 8 people playing each song. Apparently, there can be multiple people playing the guitar or singing and the game keeps track of each.

    One of the things that makes this a good game is variety. You can make a lot of changes. For example, the diffculty of the song, the instrument you play, what your avitar looks like, playing together in a band or on your own. You can challenge other players online or in person, etc. So for each song, there are many ways you can play it.

    Iím not sold on the aesthetics. It has a cartoon feel, or maybe annime. But to me it has a kid feel. I think there is an older market for a game that is more sophisticated. Concentrate on the music and make it more like playing a real guitar. More variations on the controller like different strings, bending the strings. Better action on the buttons. They could let the player have something to work towards.

    The energence complexity is definitely the difficulty of the songs. You move from simply hitting the right button when it reaches the right spot on the screen to hitting a series of buttons because it feels like the music youíre listening too.
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    dbGamer's Guitar Hero 5 (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 13 September, 2009

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