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    jp's Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC)

    [November 11, 2003 11:57:46 PM]
    Over! Finito!

    Those of you keeping track of this sort of thign might want to know a few stats that the gme spits out at the end (which I thought was REALLY cool). Playtime was 34 hours 26 minutes. I used inns 39 times, fought 514 battles and escaped from 7. I opened 110 of 181 treasure chests and found 79 of 199 items. I had a total number of defeats equal to 12 and wiped out 1234 monsters. (weird number, eh?)

    In all it wasa fun experience and I'm definetly changin my opinion with respecto to CRPGs. Now? On to the next game...hehehe..
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    [November 10, 2003 10:25:14 PM]
    Yay! and Not so Yay!

    I got to the top of the tower..defeated a mega sinistral (3 sinistrals fused into one) and then had to put up with some treason! Yup. Bottom of the matter is that I have yet to defeat another mega monster. After that it should be game over! (in a good sense)

    I'm actually a bit excited and looking forward with some anticipation to the last battle.
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    [November 10, 2003 10:37:08 AM]
    Weekend is over and I'm still playing. It actually looks like I'mn not that far off from the end. So, I figured I might as well stick with it... right?

    I'm currently climbing my way up the last tower (each of the sinistrals is in a tower, except for the last sinistral...but there are still four towers. This last tower holds all of them..resurrected..sigh.)

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    [November 7, 2003 03:16:47 PM]
    I'm up to 28 hours on the savegame.

    I finally defeated Daos and am now hunting for information on a special weapon that will allowed me to TRULY defeat the sinistrals. (up until now it seems like the could have come back to life at pretty much any time). It still feels like I have a ways to go so I'm debating whether or not to start playing something completely different or not. Isn't 30 hours long enough? Can I please play something new? This is a problem with RPGs that go on for too long. After a while, combat loses its interest..yet it takes more and more time.
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    [November 4, 2003 12:13:09 PM]
    Ok. It seems that now, finally, at last, its about time, I will go hunt out Daos the 3rd sinistral. I must have fought him som 4 times already. This had better be the last one. I just go Advance Wars 2 which is seriously competing against Lufia. (I've played a lot of Lufia...about time for a change?)
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    [October 31, 2003 01:26:29 PM]
    It has taken a lot longer than expected to get to this third Sinistral. First we went to his tower. Fought him and supposedly defeated him. Then he showed up again. Defeated him again (actually, he ran away after a while). Then we went back to the tower. Blocked. I am currently trying to find some Floatium so some scientist dude we met can build a flying ship so we can get to the tower. Sigh. I'm getting a wee bit tired.
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    [October 26, 2003 02:37:25 PM]
    This game is awesome. It's like its reading my mind or something. I was kind of getting bored (ho hum, lets beat up another sinistral) when all of a sudden.. a PLOT twist!! The last town I visited (Redwood) had a casino. The owner organized this thing called the Monster Trak. It's a sort of competition in which whoever defeats a certain monster (Big Mouth in this case) wins a bunch of cash. The actual contest is just a dungeon crawl with a boss (Big Mouth) at the end. A few new characters are introduced and one joined my party (which is now full, yay!). After collecting the cash we where all invited to the owners place. (for a celebratory meal). Wouldn't you know the food was drugged!! Gasp! Fortunately one character (Dei) was clever enough not to eat, and was able to rescue one other character (me). So. It's sort of like back to square one.. I've got 2 characters and have to rescue everyone else. A nice, refreshing change from sinistral hunting I must say. Yay for Lufia!!
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    [October 23, 2003 09:03:02 PM]
    Over 20 hrs. now. I've found a new continent and have already rid the town of the presence of a nasty dragon that had laired nearby. When I got back to the town, the dragons mother showed up!!! Gasp!

    Well, I beat the dragon up as well (yes, I'm definitely gettin better at this game) but I was only able to wound it (cue cut-scene). Wouldn't you know that the 3rd sinistral showed up, blasted the dragon in one shot and then killed an innocent townperson. The gall!! Now I'm off to beat up the third sinistral...
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    [October 22, 2003 01:14:50 PM]
    After dealing with Amon and heading back to town I discovered that two fo my characters where related! (lost brother type of thing). Cue long cut-scene with story, blablabla...

    After all that it was decided to sail out to other continents in search of the last 2 sinistrals. Deckards ship would help and for a change I am able to control the ship (as opposed to seeing it sail around ina cut-scene). This was cool. It provided a needed change of pace (and the ship moves faster than the characters walk...). Waddaya know... there are random encounters at sea as well!!
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    [October 21, 2003 02:49:48 PM]
    Hahaha! It seems that keeping this diary is a source of luck. Whenever I make some griping comment about not being able to take out a boss, I take him out!

    Yes. Amon the second sinistral fell to the combined tactics of my super squad. The general approach was: soften the enemy witha ttacks that reduce stats, defense, etc. then slam him with real attacks. (all of this while trying to keep everyone healthy and conscious...not easy!!)
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    [October 20, 2003 01:51:49 PM]
    My previous comment (is this getting easy?) was totally off mark. I'm up to 17 hours on the saved game...and am getting thrashed by the 2nd Sinistral. (can't remember his name).

    He is basically faster than everyone in my party and his first attack knocks out (numbs? confuses?) 90% of my party. Sigh. He uses a LOT of magic so I think that I have to find some weakness along those lines.
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    [October 16, 2003 09:58:15 AM]
    Yesterday I defeated Defir (was that his name? I might have it wrong). Anyways, he had killed the kind of a kingdom and sent the princess to die. I saved the princess (who joined my party), returned to the kingdom and defeated Defir.

    Of course, it turned out that Defir was being controlled by a sinistral! Now I have to head out to his tower and beat him up.

    The game is starting to drag a little bit. The boss fights (there where 2 for Defir) where easy, or is it that I'm getting better?
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    [October 10, 2003 09:43:34 PM]
    A funny thing happened on the way to the dungeon today. Well, actually I was IN the dungeon already. Had to save and picked it back up later again and I couldn't remember which way I was going! (the dungeons are a sequential set of randomly generated levels, you start on a level and then work your way up to the next. Or down.) I couldn't remember if I was supposed to go up or down. It turns out it was down...but I only noticed when I walked OUT of the dungeon..the same way I came in. Oh well.
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    [October 9, 2003 03:15:58 PM]
    Here;s my rant of the day. I hate it when I'm forced to watch a cut-scene over and over and over. Here's the situation, I'm in a town (where I can save) and the next thing I have to do is talk to a kid who will ferry me over to a kingdom I'm trying to infiltrate. Cut-scene number one is the conversation with him. This immediately segues into a cut-scene of the voyage. This follows on to a cut-scene with an enemy ship (that starts to fire). This follows on to a cut-scene with a pirate who shows up to help. This continues with a cutscene of us trying to dodge out of the way of the enemy ship firing at us. It all ends, finally, with an immediate start of a boss battle.

    No saves in between. No way to skip the dialogue. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

    This is a boss battle. It isn't easy. Chances are you'll get wiped a few times. And every single time you restart...cut-scene after cut-scene....aaargh!

    Normally I would rant at this game only, but this is a trend that I see happening over and over again. Is it only me who gets annoyed by this? Why haven't game designers learned this lesson? Why?!?!?!
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    [October 7, 2003 12:04:12 AM]
    Yay! I thought it would never end. 6 failed attempts but the last one was the winner. Phew. Am I just bad at this game or is it plain hard? Of course, I'm inclined to think that it is a hard game, but maybe it is just me..

    The winning strategy basically involved getting the boss poisoned. For some reason (I had no idea this would happen), poison does A LOT of damage. (maybe it's a percentage of your hp?). That really helped to bring the boss down to a level where I could take him out before my entire party was wiped out. In fact, my entire party was almost wiped out though I was able to get them all back to consciousness before killing the last sidekick. (unconscious characters don't get xp...)
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    [October 6, 2003 01:46:54 PM]
    Hmph. I'm halfway up a tower where supposedly I'll meet (beat!?) a new Sinistral. Geez.. I'm only fighting a minor boss and getting whipped to shreds. The reason? I hate calls companion.

    You see, a few monsters can "call" a friend who immediately joins the fight. What this usually means is that you have to take out the dude who is calling all the enemies in. This happens to be the boss. In the meantime, his sidekicks are beating the crap out of me. If I take them out, he just calls more!!! Gasp.

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    [October 3, 2003 08:38:14 AM]
    Pirate boss? Done. His pet super-octopus that showed up after that? Done.

    My rant of the day is that I find it annoying when I get caught between cut-scenes and can't save. After the boss battle you end up back at the beach where there is a save point, a refresh point (that full heals the party) and another charater. I wandered over the refresh point to talk to the other character...bad idea. Talking to the character triggered a cut-scene which didn't end until AFTER I had killed the giant octopus. No chance to save in between... Fortunately, I was able to kill it, if not..a lot of progress would have been lost. Phew!
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    [October 2, 2003 09:50:09 AM]
    I still can't beat the pirate boss (failed twice so far) but I thought I'd comment on a REALLY cool aspect of the combat system.

    In most games I recall, if there are targetted attacks (as in, choose to attack a specific enemy), these are wasted if the enemy disappears or dies. (for example 2 characters target one enemy and the first characters hit kills him. The second character would normally lose his attack). In this game, you NEVER lose your attacks because of this. If the enemy dies, then your attacks are directed at another enemy automatically!
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    [October 2, 2003 09:50:05 AM]
    I still can't beat the pirate boss (failed twice so far) but I thought I'd comment on a REALLY cool aspect of the combat system.

    In most games I recall, if there are targetted attacks (as in, choose to attack a specific enemy), these are wasted if the enemy disappears or dies. (for example 2 characters target one enemy and the first characters hit kills him. The second character would normally lose his attack). In this game, you NEVER lose your attacks because of this. If the enemy dies, then your attacks are directed at another enemy automatically!
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    [October 1, 2003 03:29:24 PM]
    Arr me mateys! Back in town and off to nuke the pirate boss!
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    [September 30, 2003 09:39:53 AM]
    After much dungeon crawling I am now at high sea. Nearby towns have are being raided by pirates and I want to know why. Lo and behold, withing 5 minutes of leaving port we are boarded by lawless thugs.

    Well, by nand of adventurers will not put up with such behaviour and we proceeded to board the pirate ship, descend to its lower decks (a dungeon romp with "ship" artwork) and trounce the chief scallywag. Arr!
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    [September 29, 2003 01:27:05 PM]
    1 new member to my party.. and I JUST figured out a game mechanic I hadn't noticed. How daft can that be?? (7 hours into the game...)

    Ok. Basically combat works in the following way. Your characters are arranged on a 3x3 grid facing a bunch of monsters (I've never fought more than 4 at once.. I don't think it is possible to).

    The way I was playing it was that ONLY the first row of characters would fight. Everyone else was pretty much useless. NOW I realized that you can pick one character per column! This gives a lot more tactical freedom. You can't ever use all your characters, but you can at least choose (with limitations) which ones you want to use.

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    [September 27, 2003 10:58:26 AM]
    I did it! I had to resort to the uber-items I had...nonetheless it was a tough battle and, as usual, I only had two characters alive at the end.

    I previously mentioned that characters die a lot. (well, get knocked out at zero hp). In this particular case the beast we where fighting could take out, with one blow, half my party. What can you do against that??? :-)
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    [September 25, 2003 11:16:30 PM]
    Darn. I played a fight 4 times today. Couldn't win it. Its at the top of a lighthouse where you go to save some soldier dude. I've tried pretty much everything, but no luck. Do I need to level up some more? Do I just need to get lucky? Am I missing something here?

    I hope to find out tomorrow....
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    [September 24, 2003 11:43:06 AM]
    Yay! I defeated my first sinistral (Gades). Gades is basically a boss that I had encountered previously (and been defeated by). It was really cool to finally seek him out and this time defeat him! The first time I fought him I was under the impression that there was no way to get him (until the end of the game), yet 5 hours (of gameplay) later..wham!!

    Ok. What I'm starting to like about this game, and this is due to the random dungeons I think, is that I've stopped being completely stingy about using potions, items, etc. Since dungeons are random, you will always find goodies lying around AND in the big fights it is really essential to use them since you WILL de destroyed otherwise. Normally, when I play an RPG, I tend to not use expendable items at all... I just can't be bothered or have the impression that I need to save them for later. This game has taught me otherwise...and its fun to use them liberally.

    Another thing with this game is that "death" isn't really that worrisome. Basically, get used to having your characters knocked out in a fight. Happens all the time, so use those potions/items to keep them awake!

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    [September 19, 2003 11:47:09 AM]
    I've now got 4 characters in my party and things are definitely more interesting. I like the fact that the quests are sort of easy to follow (I hate it when I'm sutck and don't know what to do). Also, the dialogue definitely has a lot of Japanese charm to it.

    I've discovered (I'm sure this was explained, but heck... I can't remember everything!!) that there are, like, 4 "magic" systems going on. There's your general magic, then you have special moves...which also suck up points from somewhere..and everytime you get damaged you get anger points(?) which you end up spending to learn special moves..or something like that. Oh well..I realized my sucky character isn't that sucky after all!
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    [September 17, 2003 09:32:32 AM]
    I'm starting to like this game. I hope it doesn't drag out for 100 hours of gameplay (like a few RPGs out there) but so far it is pretty neat. The graphics are obviously dated (for GBA standards, remember this is a GBC game) but the dialogue is fun to read and not too long.

    The combat system seems interesting though its a bit hard to tell yet since I only have 1 other character in my party. Supposedly once I get a few more in things should get interesting since you hace to sort your members in an order that makes tactical sense as well as maximizes some magic points or something like that. In the meantime I'm chasing down a gold thief from town to town...
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    [September 12, 2003 04:04:51 PM]
    After wrapping up on Eye of the Begholder I've picked up Lufia. Hmmm.. Another RPG.. is there something wrong with me?

    Actually, RPGs are nice to play on the road since you can generally stop/resume them quite easily. I mean, its not like trying to finish a level on Super Mario and simply not being able to get to the end of it in the 20 minute bus-ride.

    Ok. Back to the game. Its a lesser-known RPG that comes from a series of NES/SNES ones... There is no review for it on either Gamespot or IGN so I guess it was a pretty minor release as well. Thus far the game seems nice, it starts by explaining some of the characteristics of the combat system and other stuff that is important to learn. All's well.

    Dungeons. I've just entered my first dungeon (non-tutorial) and it is interesting to note that apparently all the dungeons are randomly generated! Wow! (all this for the GBC...remember...).

    Ok. Gotta get back to work...we'll see how the game goes today.
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    jp's Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 10 September, 2003

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 11 November, 2003

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Its dinky and fun. A nice RPG with cutesy/funny dialogue. Very Japanese and great in-built help system (for knowing what different items do).

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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