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    KappaHattori's Rhythm Heaven (DS)

    [September 28, 2009 08:33:08 AM]
    GAME PLAY---===

    Although covered briefly in Summary, the simplistic controls deserve to be mentioned again. Unlike more advanced games which require intricate button combinations, this game is clearly targeted towards both gamers and those who don’t play too often. Even the game’s advertising campaign featured individuals and celebrities who could be assumed to be too busy to play the game often (especially since Beyonce has to ensure that all her single ladies are faring well). The five commands Tap, Flick, Hold, Slide, and Lift are significantly easy to perform, and prior to each of the games, there is a brief introduction on how to properly utilize the game controls. This ensures that all people playing this game will have no excuse for their poor performance (which shouldn’t be too bad, since most of what you’ll be doing is simply tapping the touch screen).

    Rhythm Heaven has 50+ games, each utilizing its own controls. The game’s musical style is different in each stage, and requires the player to obtain a different beat while playing. While most of the earlier stages are original, the last few are simply remakes of the original stages on harder difficulties to challenge advanced players. There are also plenty of mini games to unlock through perfecting and completing the games. Although it also seems as if such a simple game with simple commands could be completed quickly and with little challenge, a player playing for the first time will realize that many stages will have you become accustomed to a certain flicking or tapping pattern, and then rapidly switch it while still maintaining the beat. And some of the remakes are just downright difficult due to the rapid succession of flicks and slides.

    Apart from that, succeeding in this game is considerably rewarding. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve mastered a rhythmic challenge grants you major musical confidence. You’ll also see an improvement in your abilities to obtain and maintain the beats of songs. Levels which seemed difficult at first will be almost impossible to err on after playing this game often. And what’s better than demonstrating your new found musical skills from Rhythm Heaven at a party?

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    [September 27, 2009 08:49:41 PM]
    Rhythm Heaven
    Nintendo DS


    One touch of the game box and you will instantly feel the pulses of rhythmic fun blasting through you! While there have been plenty games in the past which deal with music and maintaining the beat, Rhythm Heaven separates itself from the Dance Dances and Tap Taps by utilizing five simple commands; Tap, Flick, Hold, Slide, and Lift. I am positive that these input options which will have you Sliding and Flicking to the games stylish music!

    Rhythm Heaven in comparison to other Nintendo DS games does not seem to utilize much of the breakthrough handheld’s capabilities. It relies all on input using the DS’ stylus, and interacting at the right time with the music. What separates this game drastically from other games is that the necessary commands vary from slightly to drastically in several games, making each mini game a unique experience. While some games may require you to flick repeatedly to the beat, some may require you hold your mouth shut at the right time, such as in a personal favorite, Glee Club.


    The game’s play all revolves around the music, which, for those who haven’t played, is a blessing. For the lovers of cheery, stereotypically Anime-esque music, this game is a pot of gold. The Nintendo Software Planning and Development staff ensured that attractively engaging music was composed by employing the help of professional musicians Tsunku, Canary Club, and The Possible.

    The Music in this game ranges dramatically from slower, melodiously harmonic samples such as Struck By The Rain in the games Karate Man and Karate Man 2, to simple and energetic beats as used in Rhythm Rally. The music is composed in a manner that ensures that the player will know exactly when to react to the game, just as long as they ensure the player maintains the beat. The music so accurately follows the players movements that it would seem more accurate to assume that the game play was actually created after the music was composed.

    In particular, a few songs stand out as amazingly memorable and fun. Glee Club has a sensationally relaxing atmosphere created by jazzy instruments, and low tempo riffs. The slightly melancholy attitude is strengthened by the plain background, and stoic character positions. The music in Glee Club rashly contrasts that of games such as Munchy Monk, which utilizes quick and upbeat sections that use segments of repetition to give the song and game play a snappy beat. Love Ooh Ooh Paradise and Thrilling! Is This Love? represent the unnecessarily emotional, love yearning cries of typical anime girls. Albeit embarrassing to sing in front of your friends, these two songs provide an undoubtedly catchy tune that makes one ponder the effects of love. The many Remixes, which combine several games into one challenging match, seamlessly mesh the different musical styles and often add stylized themes, such as love for Remix 4, and western for Remix 3.

    This games music could honestly rival those of highly acclaimed compositions for games such as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, or the Final Fantasy series. So many different musical styles guarantee that every player will be able to find a song to call their favorite.

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    KappaHattori's Rhythm Heaven (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 September, 2009

    KappaHattori's opinion and rating for this game

    Sensational! Music gameplay at its best!

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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