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    rwcarter's Audiosurf (PC)

    [October 19, 2009 10:32:46 PM]

    Audiosurf creates an arcade game from music. The game scans an MP3 of your choice, determines rhythms and beats, and creates a racetrack with hills and loops timed to the music. As you fly down the track, automatically speeding and slowing to match the tempo, you must fly through obstacles of certain colors and avoid others. Itís a fast-paced test of reflexes, all timed to your favorite songs.


    I was really impressed with this game. I tried several genres of music, from jazz to hard rock to speed metal to pop/hip-hop, and it created some really impressive tracks to correlate to the music. It was amazing how Iíd load a track with a very prominent beat, and the generated track would have a sharp hill with every beat. The game was very mesmerizing to play.

    I was too captivated with the pretty colors and the generated tracks to bother caring about score and the strategy of the game. But, I did at least notice them, and it seems enough that someone who is there for the puzzle will enjoy the challenge. There are different game modes to try, though I stuck with the simplest one, and obviously an unlimited amount of tracks. Essentially, your music creates the difficulty Ė load up a slow song, and your aircraft will fly through the course slowly; but choose something fast, and youíll have a hard time keeping up!

    All in all, itís a simple game of emergence, and it does a really good job at not only focusing on the song processing algorithm, but turning it into a full-fledged arcade game.
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    rwcarter's Audiosurf (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 19 October, 2009

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