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    Absolute2's Spelunky (PC)

    [November 2, 2009 03:27:14 PM]
    Spelunky is a 2D action adventure game. It also has elements from the roguelike genre, in that it has randomly generated levels, has no savepoints, its a dungeon crawl, and has frequent and easy deaths. The gameplay is centered around exploring caves, while grabbing any kind of treasure, saving damsels, and dodging traps and enemies. You play as a nameless spelunker that has an insatiable taste for exploring.

    The game starts with a quick intro scene to the main menu screen. After your spelunker drops down his rope into a cave and shimmies down there you have three open doors to choose from. One for a tutorial, one for the start of the game, and one for the high scores. This immediatly makes the player interact with the game even before gameplay. I enjoyed this because it allowed me to try and familiarize myself with the controls, however I still used the tutorial having never played before.
    The tutorial was very helpfull. It showed me how to move, run, jump, throw bombs and ropes, and move through a simple puzzle. I ended up using all my ropes by accident before I got to the part I need them for. So I had to restart the level to get some more. After I was finished with the tutorial I moved onto the actual game levels. I moved through the "START" door and the level began. Now at first it was a little intimidating trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. Once I moved around a little and got some treasure, I began to move further down. But that was short lived, (literally) as I died from falling down to far and then getting hit by a snake and a bouncing spider. So that was pretty lame.
    That didn't completely discourage me from the game, but I just thought that was a really quick death. After keeping this in mind I started the game once again. The next life was not much better. This time I managed to kill myself by standing to close to a bomb. I tried to place the bomb in the area I wanted to, but for some reason I guess you can't place the bombs, you just have to throw them. I didn't like this as it took me another death or two to figure that out. Now so far I still had not beaten one level, and I was becoming more and more frustrated with it. I decided to go for another round after losing count of how many deaths I had, and finally managed to find and navigate through to the door for the next level.
    Now I started on the next level and began to look for any changes. Aside from the level being entirely different, it looked as though I still had the same equipment I did as of last level. I started to move through this level, when I came upon a large spider. I moved closer to it, since it was hanging motionless from the cieling and then it all of the sudden dropped down and started to bounce around. I managed to try and whack it with my whip, but that didn't seem to do anything and I was killed by the spider when it came down. After this I decided to stop playing as I was getting more and more frustrated with the fact that it doesn't save your progress. After going through levels, the diffuculty increases as well as the amount of treasure. So when your facing diffucult enemies and finding a bunch of rare stuff, when you die and everything is erased, it just seems like you did nothing. So far I can't say that I enjoyed playing this, however I can see how it would be addicting to play after a while.

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    Absolute2's Spelunky (PC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Monday 2 November, 2009

    GameLog closed on: Monday 23 November, 2009

    Absolute2's opinion and rating for this game

    If 2D action adventure games, focused on exploration, fighting enemies, finding treasure, and locating the exit appeals to you, then pick this game up. Personally i found it to be very frustrating.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstar

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