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    dbGamer's Spelunky (PC)

    [November 5, 2009 10:14:21 PM]
    Gamelog Entry 3

    The game is Spelunky
    The hero is short stocky guy who explores different underground areas. There is a tutorial area, and then the main entrance. Each time you play the game the underground area is different. He has tools that he takes with him and things he picks up in the game. The goal is to try to collect gold nuggets, stay alive, and rescue a frantic chic.

    There are very few directions on what to do. Exploring is the main way to learn. The tutorial was helpful, and I did return to it several times to learn and practice, but trial by error was my main way to learn. I killed off quite a few “Spelunkies” at first. My favorite was when something red and blinking appeared in his hands. It looked like something to get rid of and away from, but I didn’t know how. Sure enough, a few seconds it when off and another Spelunky died.
    After my first few times playing I did start to get some skill on moving around using the bombs and rope. And I was able to avoid some enemies and “whip” the others. But the frantic chic still eludes me. I don’t have any idea on how to help her out. Probable would help if I’d quit dropping her on her head.

    2nd Gamelog Entry
    Interesting that as you increase your skills your goals in playing can change too. Now that I can “survive” in the game environment I’ve started to do more than collect gold and try to move onto the next level. I find myself exploring the levels to see what’s new and, of course, trying to rescue the frantic chic.
    There are still things on the levels I’m on that I know are important, but I don’t know how to use them. For example, the boxes. They’re all over the place, but I can’t move them or open them. In the Score area you can push the boxes, but not in the game area.

    I kind of like how the tutorial area gives you clues on how things work, but it doesn’t come right out and tell you to do this then do that. You have to take the clue, and then experiment with it.
    One of the things that make this a good game is how you can have success early, but it can still remain challenging as you continue playing. There are plenty of areas to explore so it doesn’t get repetitious. Also, you can learn the basics of using the tools and accomplish basic tasks, but with practice you can use the same tools (rope, whip, bombs) to accomplish more complex tasks.
    One thing that does bother me are the game controls. I haven’t played a lot of games just using the keyboard, but I’m having a real hard time remembering what the left hand keys do. I’d like some kind of mouse control to move, and then the left hand would be different enough to help remember.
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    dbGamer's Spelunky (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 5 November, 2009

    dbGamer's opinion and rating for this game

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