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    jp's Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (PSP)

    [November 25, 2009 01:32:55 PM]
    I am angry.

    Quite angry, in fact, and frustrated as well. I feel cheated. Cheated out of seeing the ending to this game.

    I'm playing the last level of the game, a boss fight, and I know what I need to do. Shoot him until he lands on the ground and then perform the "stun move". What?

    I have no idea how to perform that combo. Yes, I'm sure at some point I was informed what it was and how to do it but I don't know now. I checked the menus to see if there are any instructions to that effect (ie, these are the combos you know and how to do them), but no. Good luck with that!

    I tried button mashing to see if I could, by chance, execute the combo. I was able to get it twice in an hour's worth of gameplay. The problem is that even the combos I know are very I have no desire to keep on playing.

    The kicker? Towards the end the game was finally starting to get a bit interesting. In particular, the mission I'm on fills out a nice bit of "canon" lore I guess. I'm about to steal the death star plans for which (I presume?) many Bothans will die (or have died?) enabling Episode IV to actually happen.

    Well, I was...until I got angry and decided to move along to another game.

    Yes, 97% completion. Not 100%. Grrrr...
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    [November 23, 2009 10:06:51 PM]
    Not much to reflect upon so far. Well, maybe there are few things, but I don't want to sound like I'm ranting.

    (a) Kyle Katarn shows up early in the game which was a surprise. I didn't know he was THAT important in the Star Wars universe. Or maybe he's just relevant in the videogames? Anyways, I guess I'm curious as to how his role in this game relates to the games in which he starred. I'm a bit confused as to the timeline but I'm sure Wookiepedia will help me out.

    (b) For the most part this game is an unimpressive "by the book" sort of affair. The Star Wars music helps but for the most part the environments are uninspired, simple, ugly, and don't quite work. There have been a few surprises for me though...On the plus side they tend to be relatively short (ideal for handheld gaming) but the loading times are horrific (terrible for handgeld), though generally speaking the checkpoints are well distributed (good for handhelds). So which one is it! I feel like for every terrible idea or terrible implementation, there's an example that screams the oppositive. I guess it all adds up to lukewarm.

    (c) Just today I ran into an unexpected event! I had to infiltrate the Death Star by hiding inside a cargo container. The first time I played I walked around killing guards and the container left. Oh no! Surely there's another one around here says Zeeo...I don't get to find it because I am then caught up in a massive firefight in another room. Upon re-start I simply walk into the container! Level complete! What? I hadn't realized that some (one? more than one?) areas had different success criteria! I've just started to catch on that if you are able to sneak around, you can finish levels easier than blasting through. The slow controls and imprecise movement make this tricker to accomplish than it sounds, though!
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    [November 17, 2009 08:13:23 PM]
    You would think that every single Star Wars game would have to feature "the force" in some way or another. As I write this I'm trying to come up with examples...and yes, there are a few, I guess. Mostly the games focused on vehicle simulations/fighting. However, this game is still a rather curious example because it has a strong narrative and is additionally focused on the adventures of a single character (or, for lack of a better term, the character/sidekick combo).

    In this game you control a Twi'lek (is that how it's spelled?) character who (early on) finds a droid companion. They help each other out (combo attacks) and completement each other nicely (the Twi'lek gets to ride on the droid during certain moments). There is, however, no force powers or abilities in the game. Strange, isn't it? However, I did find it curious that there is a kind of "magical" ability you can develop over the course of an area. I forget it's exact name but there is a power meter that fills up when you perform certain actions in the game that take advantage of both characters (ie, combo moves). Once the bar is full, you're granted certain combat bonuses and that sort of thing. No, it isn't the force, but it kind of serves to scratch the itch for something outside the regular assortment of weapons and acrobatic moves.
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    jp's Star Wars: Lethal Alliance (PSP)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 11 November, 2009

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 25 November, 2009

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Meh? It does get better and more intersting the longer you play, but overall I wasn't terribly impressed.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstar

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