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    thattoddguy's Spelunky (PC)

    [November 24, 2009 01:58:41 PM]
    Spelunky is too addictive! I am constantly challenged by the ever changing caves. No patterns to learn! Just, challenging gameplay.

    I don't mind the blocky graphics, I grew up in a time when they were the norm. I agree that the new movie-like graphics are great, but this game harkens to a simpler time. This is a nice departure from today's "perfect" graphics.

    Even though I have been unable to get past the third level, I still can't stop playing this game. Simple challenges are, sometimes, the best. Find the treasure, the girl, and the exit. What could be easier than that, right?

    Overall, I enjoy this game and will play it often.
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    [November 24, 2009 01:26:37 PM]
    The game, Spelunky, is about a cave explorer who is trying to find treasure and rescue a girl. The levels are randomly generated, so you never get the same cave to explore. You search through the cave for gold and treasures. Along the way you may find a treasure(golden head)or a girl to save, then you head for the exit.

    I found the controls to be easy to understand. I found the cave to difficult to explore, though. This game kicked my butt! I could never make it more than 2-3 levels. That being said, I was addicted to the challenge of navigating the cave. You are given a rope and bombs as tools. I blew myself up several times, mastering how to throw the bombs.

    The enemies were not to challenging, though, I got killed by several of them. Learning how to control my fall lead to landing on several of the enemies, or falling too far, both of which got me dead, a lot! I never made it past the third level!

    All in all, I enjoyed this game. It keeps you on your toes, and is very addicting. Spelunky has that, edge of your seat, type feeling to it. I would play this game again.
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    thattoddguy's Spelunky (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 24 November, 2009

    thattoddguy's opinion and rating for this game

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