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    bdesai's Halo 2 (XBX)

    [January 9, 2007 10:00:29 PM]
    after playing for another hour i got really into the game. the time passed by much faster than the first hour and i was really into it. i found that i was really good at using the in game vesicles. that is definetly one of the more entertaining tools in the game. unlike the first game, halo2 by allows the player to kick off enemy riders.
    the game became quite difficult when we hit the 3rd cut scene and started playing as the enemy. i found the close combat slightly difficult but the real problem was that i couldn't tell enemy from friend. i sliced everyone.
    since i haven't played in a while i noticed that the more i got into this game, the more i started cursing. that was interesting.
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    [January 9, 2007 07:03:35 PM]
    this is my first time playing halo 2. i havent finished the first in the sries but i have always liked this game. the story is quite fun and im really enjoying smashing the aliens faces with my gun. i have found the xbox controler to be a little tricky since i am used to less complex controlers. the view has become more managable after this first hour of play. i find the co-op campaign mode to be very fun because the sense of teamwork makes the game have a deeper dimension. being able to talk to your friends about the game as you play keeps it fun and makes the game easier since i keep dying. the only difficulty with this is the split screen view which is still managable.
    this is my first time playing xbox in maybe a year or so and the graphics are more than descent except during cut scenes. i have also noticed how often get lost in this game, either i am not up to par on such advanced games or it could use arrows .
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    bdesai's Halo 2 (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 9 January, 2007

    bdesai's opinion and rating for this game

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