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    dinezd's Fallout 3 (360)

    [April 28, 2010 05:07:26 PM]
    So far fallout 3 has been a blast to play despite the negative and kinda dark story behind it. It gives me so many different options and perimeters in which to make decisions and effect my gameplay experience. I was surprised by one aspect which was the many different types of drugs i could become addicted to. They are everywhere and while they help a few of my stats, they also force me to take them often and if i don't my character sufferes from blurry screens and loss of health etc. I could understand why there might be one or two but there are at least a dozen. Theres hard drugs like jet and there are alcohols like whisky. I wondered why they would make so many different types. In reality there are dozens of drugs people use for various reasons. I think that the drugs were designed to be a way of easily improving your character but showing the consequences for choosing an easy fix.

    I also enjoy the unreasonable ammount of items i can carry, yet there is a limit. I laugh at this because i would think the limit would be a way to try and make the game more realistic but controlling what you could carry with you but you can still carry a lot of stuff.

    One thing about the game that i don't understand and i realize that there really wouldn't be any fun action scenes without this but i don't get why there is some great fight going on. I think i might be too early in the game still but i don't understand why there is an organization fighting the mutants and super mutants. If there was some nuclear apocalypse then i would think that people would be trying to band together to survive, especially considering the state of the world as it appears in the beginning of the game. There's a damn live nuke still leaking radiation in the first town you go to. I guess enough time has passed where people just accept there situation and adapt to it and the mutated people are shunned and therefor fight and attack everyone else to get what they need to survive.

    Something i like about the game is the option to do things that could get me in trouble like trying to pick locks and break into buildings and take things. I only get in trouble if i get caught. It just provides a big temptation aspect where most people would want to live a life where they are the hero and they help and save people, but sometimes it would be just so easy to take what you want. You can get better guns and ammo and food. Food that doesn't poison you or cause radiation. That was another aspect that caused me issues. At first i tried my best to not ingest any radiation because i thought it would be a huge problem. Over time it became more and more difficult to keep my health up without using some of the food items that contained rads. I eventually broke down and started using them and now i use them without hesitation or concern. I know i can use medicine to cure my rads so i don't care about what i eat to get my health up.

    On a small note i love the VATS targeting system. Its made fight scenes a lot of fun and adds an interesting form of strategy to fighting.
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    dinezd's Fallout 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 14 April, 2010

    dinezd's opinion and rating for this game

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