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    richard.perez's Odin Sphere (PS2)

    [April 18, 2010 11:46:45 AM]
    Odin Sphere is an amazing graphical game and with original game play elements that merge a farm simulation with a dining aspect. The writing of the game is woven among five main characters that interact together to piece the story together in a very grim and dramatic fashion.

    The premise revolves around a ring that is destined to be the catalyst to the end of the world. The main themes follow and are inspired by Wagner's epic "Ring of the Nibelung" a opera written in such massive scope it needs to be performed over a few days and features the "Ride of the Valkyrie's" musical score.

    This game however is an rpg that defies all modern gaming concepts with more focus on dramatic presentation than any other game i have played. Coming in a close second might be "Heavy Rain" but the difference is that Heavy Rain is reality based and Odin Sphere is heavy in Mythology.
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    richard.perez's Odin Sphere (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 18 April, 2010

    richard.perez's opinion and rating for this game

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