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    magfrump's Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)

    [January 12, 2007 06:59:00 PM]
    I stopped playing Oracle of Seasons for a while, but when I picked it back up I was happy (although not surprised) to find that it was extremely easy to get back into the "flow" of the game.

    I spent most of my time playing the "trading game" that is present in I believe all Zelda games. I don't know what the final objective is, but exploring the various places that I've passed and sneaking into the parts of the world that I had never been able to reach before is worth the time regardless. While the puzzles are still easy and getting through the game will probably take me less than a week, just the experience of fighting the various monsters and exploring the world make it a title that will be worth coming back to for kicks.
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    [January 10, 2007 08:06:48 PM]
    On sunday I went to Gamestop in the mall with some friends and as usual I took a peek at their old GB/GBC titles (since I don't actually have any more recent systems.) However, unlike usual, I was rewarded with a couple of gems: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Metal Gear Solid.

    Although I've only been playing Oracle of Seasons for about three days now, I've gotten about halfway through the game. There are several reasons for this, with the first and foremost being how much I love Zelda and have played Link's Awakening, which is very similar. However, a deeper analysis might involve the complexity of the game. A review somewhere on the internet said that in Oracle of Ages the puzzles were harder, while in Seasons the action was more intense. While I haven't played Oracle of Ages, this seems very true. The puzzles in this game have taken me at most a few minutes to get past, while the enemies (such as the room with three red wizrobes that you have to fight EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO CHALLENGE THE BOSS) are far more difficult.

    So far, I've been happy with the difficulty, even if I've had to ask my Zelda-loving friends to help me out occasionally, and the continuous pile of items and abilities that Link always accumulates keeps gameplay interesting.

    Shoop da Whoop
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    magfrump's Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Sunday 7 January, 2007

    GameLog closed on: Friday 23 February, 2007

    magfrump's opinion and rating for this game

    These Zelda games take too much time Also this one room is impossible to get past

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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