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    br264's darksiders (360)

    [April 28, 2011 06:33:33 AM]
    Darksiders is a puzzler meets hack and slash meets platformer. You play as one of the four horsemen, war. It is believed that with your presence that you are the one that brought upon the start of the apocalypse. You have no idea why you were called to earth, but it is now your objective to find out who called upon you. You start then game out with all of your god powers but shortly after the first pseudo-boss fight, they are taken away. You swear to find the person who started the apocalypse or you will be killed. Once sent to back to earth you are weak and only have your sword to beat off enemies with. As you progress through the game you have the opportunity to get your powers and weapons. Most weapons you will obtain will be through a challenge or bought with souls. Souls are obtained either by killing enemies or through chests that are scattered throughout the different levels. One can also find chests that have health or energy replenishments or chests that increase the amount of health, energy or rage you have. Souls can be used within the store to buy generic RPG items; health or energy potions. Souls can also be used to buy the scythe weapon. Souls are mainly used so one can buy more moves. Each weapon you have you mount to a specific button on your controller and with movement, jumps, and dash combos one can perform the different moves. With energy one can use magical abilities that can help you along your journey. Once you reach a certain point in the game you will be able to start accumulating rage and had a demonic form you can turn into once obtain enough rage.

    The game could be considered hack and slash because all of the enemies you encounter and all one must do is spam your sword button. The game can be considered puzzler because to get through levels there are blocked passages, items that must be obtained and even objects that must be triggered to allow the player to continue through. The game can be considered a platformer because of how each level has different levels and platforms that the player must navigate through.

    During my first play through I manage to make it up the first boss. Your mission at the time is to obtain this creature’s heart because when you collect enough for this guy he will tell you how to defeat the main bad guy. This is all important because you believe key was this bad guy that started the apocalypse and is using you as a scapegoat. The first boss is a giant bat dragon thing. She will shoot you with fireballs, fly around, throw you about, and try to eat you. The main way to kill her is to use the exploding balls you discovered earlier in the level, to knock her out of the sky. Once on the ground you have so long to just beat on her. It is a rinse and repeat process and if you fail to mash the right buttons during her kill scene you will have to retry her. It took me a few times to get into a good rhythm but overall it was an enjoyable boss fight. Her kill scene is quite epic.

    The next boss I got to way the giant beetle-praying mantis boss. Before you get to fight him you must mess with train carts and getting power restored to areas to be able to pass. Some parts were tricky to get past, but once you kept your eyes open long enough you started to see what you needed to do. Inside this level you obtained gauntlets that allow you to destroy crystals. Once you get to the boss you must use the train carts some more and ram him a few times to weaken him and then pound on his crystal heart some. This boss fight was annoying because he spawned adds that would just wail on you could kill them all. After the boss fights you head back to the guy your helping out and you receive a nice gun to shoot the weak enemies with.

    During the second play session I got to the third boss. The game seems to like to keep adding new features that would make the new area more challenging. In this area you have to worry about time. Things are happening too fast for you to react to so with a special knowledge you get to use the time stones. Once these are triggered, time slows down for a short period of time. This usually allows the player to get past the event that was happening to quick in normal time. On the way to the giant worm boss, you encounter small worms. You do not get to kill any of these worms, you just get to run. Two thirds of the way to the boss you encounter a mini boss and once this challenge is completed you obtain a steed to make your travels a little less long. Like anything else given to the player it is used for a few more mini bosses and then on the giant worm boss.

    During your travels between areas you get to see the drama between the demons and angles and neither is really painted in a good light, which I enjoyed. During different parts of the levels, you get the opportunity to use power weapons that belong to the angle or demons and in bring in a little refreshment into the game when you have been smacking everything with the same sword. There are also challenges where you will be sent to an arena and given instructions that you must complete to continue. Most of the challenges help the player learn their moves and abilities.

    Weapons each have a lot where an item enchanter goes, which gives slight perks when using each one. Some of these perks are; more souls found, more rage generation, and makes your weapon hit harder. As one uses their weapon they will get experience towards that weapon and can level it up to do more damage. Even through there are many weapons as you play you will find your favorite two and use those more than the rest.

    Overall the game was quite fun to play. I enjoyed the amount of senseless gore and the playing off of heaven and hell fighting for earth. I think the story line helps to keep the player interested in the game but there also isn't too much so the player isn't confused. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to play a gory hack and slash game but would also like to play a puzzle game. Neither is too difficult so if you are looking for something hardcore, this is not the game for you.

    This entry has been edited 2 times. It was last edited on Apr 28th, 2011 at 06:34:33.

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    br264's darksiders (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 1 March, 2011

    br264's opinion and rating for this game

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