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    Sharkeyx's League of Legends (PC)

    [April 29, 2011 11:56:46 AM]

    League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type game that is a successor to the original MOBA, DoTA (Defense of the Ancients, a Warcraft 3 mod that became hugely popular). Players compete in 3v3 (Twisted Treeline map) or 5v5 (Summoner's Rift) battles.

    The game is commonly referred to as LoL, and it is completely free to play, and the only thing that can not be purchased with game currency are skins which are purely cosmetic and the only thing that can not be bought with real money are runes which boost your stats, this makes sure that the game is balanced and not favoring those that can spend more money than others.

    The game has, as of right now, 74 champions. Each week a new rotation of free champions are released which give a taste of each of the different play style roles. Champions are unlocked permanently by either spending IP (game currency, earned by playing matches) or RP (real money).

    Player/Game Mechanics:

    Once the player selects which game they wish to play (3v3 or 5v5) then they can choose to either play Ranked (draft picks with 2 bans per a team, only 1 of each champ may be selected) or Normal (blind pick and no bans, only 1 of each champ may be selected per a team), and there are also bot matches that may be played for practice.

    After selecting the game type the player selects their champion (currently 74 to choose from), and setup their masteries (talent trees that modify your champions stats to personalize how you like to play them), and select 2 summoner spells (2 spells that each champion can choose that are separate from the champions normal abilities, and select a rune page (similar to masteries, but are setup before the game lobby).

    The game starts and players can begin moving around the map and buy items. The max level in the game is level 18, and you gain xp from killing enemy creep (computer controlled enemies that walk towards your base), enemy champions (the enemy player controlled characters), and neutral creep (similar to creep, but remain stationary in the jungle between lanes). As the player levels they are allowed to level up one of their abilities each level, and their ultimate ability at level 6, 11, and 16. Players gain gold to buy items (which strengthen their champion) by landing the killing blow on creep/neutral creep and enemy champions, also players gain 1 gold every second.

    The game progresses as the players destroy the enemy towers on the way to their Nexus (the main base, when destroyed that team loses the match). Towers attack enemy champions and creep as they enter their range and must be destroyed in order to damage the next one. After the outside turrets there is an Inhibitor which once destroyed allows players to begin attacking the Nexus Turrets (once destroyed the Nexus may be damaged).


    The graphics are very nice, although not as detailed as some of the other MOBA games out. The sound and graphics play an integral part in the game since these indicate when certain champions are doing particular moves so that players may dodge or get out of danger. As well as players being able to signal warnings on the map to their allies.

    Game Session 1:

    I played as Caitlin who is a attack damage, ranged carry type character. I took the main offensive on my team and led my team in kills by shutting down my lanning opponent in the early game giving me the item advantage through gold throughout the game by constantly killing the enemy champions. We were able to quickly push through to the enemy nexus and destroy it within the first 30min of the game due to the enemy being shut down so bad.

    Game Session 2:

    I played as Amumu this time, who is an ability power, tank type character. I decided to jungle (meaning I did not go in the lanes against the enemy champions, this allows me to traverse the map without the enemies seeing me until I jump in to surprise kill them, called a 'gank'). I was able to successfully get 4 ganks before the middle of the game which greatly helped my carries (the main damage dealing champions) on my team get ahead in gold and items. This allowed us to continue to push easily. In the team fights I was able to stun the enemy and root them in place so that my carries could safely kill them without being taken out, and even tallied up a good bit of kills myself. We were able to win the game at the 40min mark.

    Overall an extremely fun and addicting game. It does have a steep learning curve as players have to learn what all the enemy champions are able to do through experiencing them in games, so that they are better able to judge situations and are more competent in the fights.
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    Sharkeyx's League of Legends (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 30 August, 2010

    Sharkeyx's opinion and rating for this game

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