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    Axle_the_Red's Seventh Sanctum (PC)

    [May 2, 2011 03:01:01 PM]
    Seventh Sanctum


    standard fare for most side scrolling shooters (there isn't one).


    Similar to other shooters, Seventh Sanctum places the player in command of a single ship. The player must avoid incoming fire and destroy all other ships on the screen. In the player's defense, they have a regenerating shield before their ship's integrity is damaged. Offensively, the player can switch between a default weapon, a piercing weapon, a spread fire weapon, and missiles which deal explosion damage in the area they hit. Each weapon is limited except for the default blaster. Powerups can be randomly generated from destroyed enemies which have benefits ranging from shield regeneration to ship performance upgrades.

    The game is simple and easy to pick up. Little to no explanation is required and gameplay is accessible to anyone.

    Bugs are littered through the game. Upon dying, a player must click the mouse to respawn, but no indication is given that a mouse click is required. Sometimes ships will reach the border and simply not disappear, but continue to fire bullets at the player while they cannot get in front of them to fire back. Should this happen with the boss, a player is stuck and must die. The difficulty is also much higher than it should be. Powerups were introduced to alleviate this problem, but it still exists.


    Seventh Sanctum is a fun game to play. The bugs and difficulty serve to make the experience frustrating at times, but it serves as a good distraction for short periods of time. Seventh Sanctum would serve its purpose best as a flash game: fun in short bursts but easily put down if the experience becomes too frustrating.
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    Axle_the_Red's Seventh Sanctum (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 28 April, 2011

    Axle_the_Red's opinion and rating for this game

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