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    Relinquisher KOS-MOS's Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2)

    [January 12, 2007 12:59:19 AM]
    Well, after making it to Dragonscrypt, I decided to go back and finish up some sidequests before I move on to the next chapter. First, I’m trying to get two of my characters up to level 40. They’re at level 33 right now. Second, I’m trying to get three rings that I believe are going to be valuable later. So, I ended up fighting some enemies to get their items. I’m close to getting the Cat’s Ring. I just need one more item which happens to be cat poop. I don’t know how that makes a ring but oh well. So, I spent about an hour fighting some of the earliest enemies in the game. It was kind of boring since they only took one hit to die, but at least it made the battles faster. I managed to level up one of my characters in the process too. So, all I need is a little more time and I should have the Cat’s Ring as well as the Dog’s Ring and Bird’s Ring. Then, it’s back to the story.
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    [January 11, 2007 07:24:02 PM]
    I'm not positive when exactly I started this game, but I've been playing it for a while due to the fact that I'm a little busy with college right now. I'm about thirty hours into the game, but a lot of hours were spent leveling up. To be honest, the game can be quite difficult. There are many enemies to fight and generally, they are not pushovers. They do hit hard. So, I decided to level up for a while to make the game a little easier. I haven't died since I've done that which is good. And I'm not the greatest when videogame player by the way. I am now in a place called Dragonscrypt which is in Chapter 3 of the game. I believe there are six chapters total. Anyway, before arriving at Dragonscrypt, I had to go to a dungeon called Crawsus Forest Ruins. It was a fairly short dungeon, but it required me to figure out a puzzle in order to fight the almighty Hydra, who was in fact the boss of the dungeon. In each dungeon, there are objects called sealstones that can give you bonuses such as an experience bonus or an attack up 120% bonus. You can either hold onto the sealstones to make them effect your party or you can place them in a Dais in order to have the sealstone effect the enemies. This particular dungeon had me place specific types of sealstones in the daises to advance. The three types are positive, neutral, and negative effects. Once I figured out which sealstones to place in which dais, the water in the area became poisoned. Poison is very dangerous in the game because it hurts you outside of battle as well. So, I ended up poisoning my party a lot because I had no poison checks which prevent poison. Thus, I wasted a lot of items to heal my party. When I ran out of items, I had to rely on using the "Normalize" spell to cure my party members. By the way, the party consists of four members, so that's four people to cure. Plus, I had to constantly heal them because as you know, poison hurts them even outside battle like I said earlier. I managed to survive nonetheless. Luckily, the sealstones I placed earlier also made the enemies much easier. Before I went to the boss, there was one more area to explore. This is where I found an Einherjar relic. When you find a relic, you can choose the materialize option to have an Einherjar join you. Einherjar are basically just characters who lived in the past, but you can materialize them so that they help you fight battles. You can release them after they gain five levels. By doing this, you can get various items. With that said, I found the Einherjar Adonis who is a heavy warrior. I haven't used him yet, but he should be helpful. Earlier in the dungeon, I found an Einherjar named Fraudir who is a light fighter. She should come in handy too. After this, I went right to Hydra. With the sealstones properly placed, he went down pretty easily. He didn't do too much damage either which was good since he inflicted frailty on my party which prevented me from healing. After defeating Hydra, I received some nice items. And that was the end of the dungeon. It was an interesting dungeon, but in my opinion, all the dungeons are pretty similar even though they look different. Luckily the battle system is fun so battles aren't to annoying. Well, I think I'll leave at that for now. I wonder if any of you actually made it this far.
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    Relinquisher KOS-MOS's Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 25 October, 2007

    Relinquisher KOS-MOS's opinion and rating for this game

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