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    dkirschner's Magicka (PC)

    [October 23, 2011 11:24:14 AM]
    Going to close this one. P beat it a couple weeks ago and I've since lost all motivation to play further. I'm on chapter 8 I think, out of 12, and it's gotten harder, tedious too. I do really enjoy the spell-casting system in the game, but I also find the game quite repetitive. It's frantic, constantly running and clicking, a hack n slash without the hacking -- cast n dash I suppose. The more I memorize the spell combinations the better I do, but since I only play every once in a while, I keep forgetting the combinations, which can run over 5 buttons long. ASASF SEFSE QFAQFAQFR SSARR and on and on and on...

    Anyway, before P beat it we played co-op a couple times, which was more fun than playing alone. We might still play some cause he says he's not done with it. He really likes it. In co-op you can resurrect each other, like SW+Spacebar or something. In single-player, if you die, you die. So in that sense co-op is more forgiving. And I don't think the enemies are any more numerous or difficult, yet it's still hard! You can 'cross beams,' which means you can enhance your spell power by crossing each other's, making an X or something. Whatever enemies get caught at the intersection get blasted big time. And you can heal one another. So us, of course, being long-time MMO players, quickly fell into reciprocal roles. He'd attack, and I'd heal him. I'd run circles and he'd lay land mines. I'd die and he'd finish the fight. Very complementary!

    The game's also quite buggy. There are a LOT of things that don't work right, enemies that get stuck, weapons are really hard to click on, mechanics don't work right sometimes, fall off ledges sometimes...all kinds of random stuff that would normally be amusing, but adding up are annoying.

    So, I may pick this up and play more with P sometime, but I'm done keeping it open here.
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    [August 7, 2011 08:42:01 AM]
    Not sure how much I like this game. It's odd, that's for sure. Magicka is an action RPG, but unique in several ways. First of all, it's a parody of the genre. The NPCs speak out loud in gibberish. Doors everywhere are locked, with accompanying comments when you click, "Locked, locked, locked!" "Why are all the doors always locked?!" "It's open! Oh wait..locked." The map and names of things are over-the-top fantasy or silly nonsense, like there's a named forest and then "That Other Forest." I thought all this was very funny when I first started playing, but it gets...not old...just not that funny. There are also numerous Star Wars, James Bond, and other references throughout.

    So the premise is just generic fantasy goblins and orcs invading, being led by someone smarter and more sinister and mysterious behind the lines. Usual stuff. You're a wizard and you have 8 magic spells. Each one is assigned to a key, QWERASDF. You have 5 slots in which to input the spells to cast. So you can do QQQQQ (5 of whatever Q is, Water I think). Or you can mix n match in mostly logical ways, like Fire + Earth (FD) shoots a fireball. Then there are special spells like Haste or Revive that have longer, more elaborate chains. Basically doing like QQQQQ just increases range or power. Each element does different stuff and works in conjunction or against another. So Fire and Ice are opposites. If you soak someone with Water, then use Electricity, they take extra damage. It's a pretty cool system and takes a little getting used to. Also, if you hold Shift + whatever button, it does an AoE. And if you click Mouse 3, is casts whatever on yourself.

    The best part about this game is that you get an M60 assault rifle a few chapters in.

    So, the spell casting is fun, but I end up just running circles and spamming things. My favorite thing to do is to plant mines (Arcane + Shield; SE) and watch enemies get launched into the air when they explode. Despite the game being sort of fun, it's also sort of annoying because of all this running circles and spamming things. Also, it's nice that the game is making fun of RPGs, but it makes the dull story feel even more pointless. And since the combat doesn't vary a whole lot, and there is no loot or money or anything, I'm really not that motivated to keep playing. It's clever, but just not clever enough to keep me into it.

    So I told P about it, since he bought us copies to try, and I'm gonna stop and wait on him to catch up, and then we can try to play some co-op together and see if it's a bit more fun, or involved. There should be some good teamwork to be had. We have to play on the gaming rigs though because for whatever reason, the game destroys all other computers. Slowdowns, framerate issues, mouse lag, really bad. And it's just some indie game! Granted it's pretty, but it should not take gaming rigs to run a little indie title. Anyway, changing status to played occasionally and looking forward to trying co-op sometime.
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    dkirschner's Magicka (PC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Sunday 7 August, 2011

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 23 October, 2011

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Neat spell-casting system, RPG parody. -------------- Keeping it a 4 because the spell-casting system is so neat. But, it's repetitive and gets tedious a little over halfway through.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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