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    jp's Lock's Quest (DS)

    [November 8, 2011 01:18:56 PM]
    I've already finished the game and, as promised earlier, I thought I'd comment on the story. Essentially there are the good guys (humans) and the baddies (clockworks). The latter are robotic creatures controlled by the evil Lord Agony who used to be a good guy but got greedy (or was to ambitious?) about using "the source". In a nutshell, it's a story about "life" and the creation of artificial life and what separates one from the other. In the game you control "Lock" who grew up in a little fishing village along with his sister Emi. She's kidnapped and Lock goes nuts trying to get her back while collaborating with the Kingdom (humans) as they fight against a resurgent army of clockworks.

    Over the course of the game it is revealed that Lock's childhood was essentially an elaborate fiction: all the other villagers are clockworks, and Lock and Emi are especially sophisticated ones. It turns out the good guy was bad, the bad guys misguided...and in the end? Well, the question of what makes a person human is ultimately wrapped up in clockworks lack of a "soul". Emi has been damaged and can't be repaired, because she has no soul. Fortunately, Agony redeems himself sacrificing his soul in order to save his mechanical daughter - giving her life in the process.

    In the end, it was a bit of a let down since I felt the designers essentially folded. To be human is to have a soul - rather than the (perhaps?) more profound question of whether humanity lies in the things one does, the ability to love, and so on. In any case, I was genuinely interested in the story since it seemed to be going in an interesting direction.
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    [August 30, 2011 09:21:58 PM]
    Oops. Here's another game I'm (almost) finished playing and have failed to write anything about. I guess it goes to show how the experience isn't all that compelling. Well, to be fair I picked this up because I saw it described as a tower defense game, so I felt like I had to play it just to see how it worked.

    As far as the "tower defense" aspects go, I guess it is a tower defense game in that you build stuff (from a limited pool of resources), this stuff can be either walls, towers, or traps. The towers and traps attack enemies that will swarm (not really) the map trying to reach an objective. Anything you build can be destroyed and the walls and towers can be repaired. Curiously, each mission is played in two parts. First you build (and if the mission is part of a series, you can reinforce/change whatever you built before) and then you "fight". So, once you've committed yourself to a certain defense, you're basically stuck with it. You can't change things along the way or upgrade your walls or towers (only repair). The maps are in a 2D isometric view and for towers and walls facing does matter. Enemies attacking from the rear get bonuses. In all, the towers are reasonably powerful and you never have enough resources to build A LOT of them. My strategy has mostly been to have a small set of walls/towers and then carpet the surrounding area with mines (which only last one "battle") that do different things. So far, it's been almost too there might be some balancing issues.

    I guess as far as tower defense games go, this one is rather "flat". There are a few types of enemies, and they come in 3 different "strengths". What is rather annoying is that, prior to a battle, you have no sense of what enemies will appear. Thus, you never really know what to build for/against (and you can't really have a bit of everything).

    Now, the story is actually a little more interesting...but more on that later.
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    jp's Lock's Quest (DS)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 22 August, 2011

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 11 October, 2011

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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