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    jp's Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

    [August 30, 2011 09:29:27 PM]
    I picked this up for my kids to play and my experience has been scattershot to say the least. Basically, they're the ones playing through the regular campaign while I only get to see bits and pieces of it. I think they're pretty much finished with it (or close to), which is surprising since they haven't played all that much. I think. I might be underestimating that... So, my impressions are undeniably affected by my lack of understanding of what are probably a few crucial bits of information. For example, the story seems to make no sense at all to me. It might not, but all I really know is that there are some strange characters I seem to be helping in order to take out a bad guy call "Negativitron" (or something like that). The strange characters are really weird, and I think they are each associated with a "world" that has several levels. How they all fit together I have no idea.

    In terms of gameplay, I had assumed it would be mostly the same as the first one. More platforming in different (prettier?) levels. So, I've been surprised by a few of the things they've added that, while small, actually help a lot. The grappling hook and the "shooting guns" are my favorite. For the former, it helps with a lot of the frustrating (floaty) platforming, making it more pleasurable and fun. For the latter, having the gun serves as a nice change of pace. I guess the "vehicles" are the same, but overall those felt less satisfying. Part of the issue might be that the vehicles "inherit" many of the same issues. For example, the bunny allow you do to a few things, but it's basically still for regular platforming.

    I guess overall my sense so far is that the game has more variety. Not just in the decor, but also in the gameplay. So, its definitely a richer/fuller experience than the last one.
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    jp's Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 22 August, 2011

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 28 October, 2015

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