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    HHoran's James Bond Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    [January 11, 2007 01:31:28 PM]
    Now I've completed my second hour, more than I've played in 4 years, of GoldenEye for Nintendo 64 and my interest has only increased. I'm playing with the same three knuckleheads and still have the same desire to kill all of them. Who knew that bragging rights serves as the same sort of motivator in video games as it does in real activities. And this factor plays far greater a role in GoldenEye than in other games, with the exception of Madden or NBA Live. That's what makes it so fantastic. GoldenEye is one of, if not the most, universally played and accepted multiplayer games. All gamers, regardless of interest or personality, can relate when playing this game.

    I suppose this is what people mean when they say that there is a social aspect to playing video games. I don't see why two polar opposite personalities couldn't interact and relate after playing a few games of GoldenEye. But a game with less of a universal effect couldn't splice various social groups in the same way. And this aspect of the game is what makes it worth playing.

    Finally, although Goldeneye is a representation of an outstanding multiplayer game, its single player is nothing to sneeze at either. And while it's not on the same level as a Mario, Metal Gear Solid, or a Final Fantasy, it's elaborate enough to kill some time and necessary to have a memory card. The bad guys are already created but provide a motivating goal for the game.
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    [January 11, 2007 12:56:42 PM]
    I played GoldenEye for the first time in years and it remains to be a powerhouse and among the ranks of the greatest multiplayer games ever created. The key to the design of it is the flawless blend of complexity and simplicity.
    Becuase while there is a plethora of weapons and scenarios to choose from, and various levels, the controls are relatively simple. Whether you are playing with proximity mines, an RCP-90, or even a moonraker, the idea is consistently to move, aim, and shoot. Therefore, anyone can pick up a controller and have a respectable level of success killing opponents. And one doesn't need to be good at the game, by any right, to have fun with it. Anyone can enjoy seeing their tally of kills jump as the infamous death music sounds and their oppenent's screen oozes red. But the better one is at the game (i.e. evasive technique, aim, knowledge of levels) the more fun it becomes for them. Ergo, the addictiveness to the game.
    Furthermore, James Bond's sauve attitude and perilous lifestyle is iconic of one that we all wish we could live, but would never have the cahones to. To enter yourself into a virtual reality and carry out tasks you would never be able to is the appeal of all video games, but it is particularly appealing to virtually take a ride on the wild side as a trained secret agent, or assassin.
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    HHoran's James Bond Goldeneye 007 (N64)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 10 January, 2007

    HHoran's opinion and rating for this game

    This is one of the most well designed multiplayer games ever designed.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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