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    Joey Green's Limbo (PC)

    [February 3, 2012 12:57:58 PM]
    When you start Limbo, you're a kid waking up in the forest. There isn't any instructions or goals defined. You just start trying to figure out what this game is about, but you're intrigued because you're wondering why is this boy waking up in the middle of a forest. Is he lost? It plays on the same emotions that you might of felt the first time you saw Bourne Identity. Why can't Bourne remember anything? Why does he have super-ninja powers? etc.. This makes the player intrigued about the story and motivates them to discover these questions for themselves.

    All aspects of the game is exploratory. There is no communication on your goal( which for me is to uncover the story), controls, or mechanics, which I feel adds to the mood of the game. You soon find out that all you can do is go left/right, jump, and do actions on things. These actions are also exploratory. It seems so far that all things that you see in the game( which are not trees or grass ) you can interact with.

    So, after you wake up you just start going right to explore and learn more about the game. There is no color in the world, just shades of black/gray. This is also a game you want to put your headphones on for as the sound effects really set the mood.

    There are a couple innovative elements in this game including the art style and environment. The art style leaves a lot for the imagination to process itself. You don't really see the boy, just a shadowy figure with white eyes that blink occasionally. Also, because everything is blacked out you have to pay closer attention to the environment to make sure your not fixing to do something that will cause harm to the boy such as drown, step in a bear trap, or get killed by a spider.

    The mood set by the game really make this such an awesome game. The visual effects give the player a lot of feedback. For instance, while walking the grass moves and when you land after jumping there is a puff of dust. There is also a flicker for the whole screen like what you would see in a old black and white film, which adds to the whole spookiness of the game.
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    Joey Green's Limbo (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 3 February, 2012

    Joey Green's opinion and rating for this game

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