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    Joey Green's Limbo (PC)

    [February 3, 2012 08:31:59 PM]
    Thus far, the main conflict that the user faces in the game seems to be a giant spider. When you first encounter the spider he is hiding behind a tree and when you walk up to him he tries to stab you with one of his legs. You have to explore the environment to find out that you must use one of the bear traps to attach his legs when they come after you.

    The second encounter that I had with the spider he spun me up into a web like a mummy. I then had to get loose from his spider web, still wrapped in spider web, and hop around the world. I died shortly after freeing myself, which is where I ended the game.

    Limbo really shows that 2D games have really evolved and that you don't need 3D games to experience full immersion. The designers were able to create a world that is very intriguing and entices the player into learning more about the story/environment. Their use of sound and visual effects to set the mood is innovative IMO. I have not experienced a game like this before. What I can take away from Limbo for my own game designs is the importance of world mood and how to control the world mood through sound and visual effects.
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    Joey Green's Limbo (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 3 February, 2012

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