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    Mattmdf's League of Legends (PC)

    [February 5, 2012 11:39:17 PM]

    League of Legends(LoL) is a Multiplier Online Battle Arena(MOBA) game. It is the successor of Defense of the Ancients or DoTA. There are 92 pick-able characters at the moment, with more coming out every few weeks, and a max account level of 30. There are two main game types are Player vs Player(PvP) and Co-op vs AI.

    PvP has three different modes of play: Classic Summoner's Rift(5v5), Classic Twisted Treeline(3v3) and Dominion The Crystal Scar(5v5). Both Classic games are pretty much the same, just with different numbers of players and on different maps. In these games you try to destroy the other teams towers until you can reach their nexus. When one team's nexus is destroyed, the game is over and the team that destroyed the nexus wins. Also in both Classic modes, you can play ranked games, but these are for skilled players that want to prove themselves against other skilled players. In the Dominion game type both teams have 500 resource points, and there are 5 towers that can be captured. The team that has the most towers captured, slowly drain the other teams resource points until one team reaches 0 points left, at which point they lose.

    In Co-op vs AI, the game types are exactly the same except for three main differences. First and most important is that your team is fighting a team made up of computer players. These computer players can be set on either Beginner or Intermediate. These games are usually easier then PvP games, since the computer players have set rules that make them predictable. The second difference is that the computer players can chose from only 40 of the 92 characters in the game at the moment. The third and final difference is Classic Twisted Treeline is not playable in Co-op vs AI. Co-op vs AI is a very good mode for players that are new to the game, or players that just bought a new character they want to test out and learn.

    LoL is completely free to play. Every week a new rotation of ten free champions are release, so players can try new champions with different play styles. To permanently unlock a champion that you really like to play is by spending your IP(currency earned by playing matches) or Riot Points(RP) which is bought with real money.

    Player/Game Mechanics:

    After the Player logs into LoL, they choose the game type they wish to play. Once this is done, they come to a Champion selection screen. In this area, the player sets up his masteries(talents trees that give you the ability to modify your champions stats to your play style), Summoner's spells(two spells that benifit the player but are not tied to the champion), and pick their champion to play. However, if someone else on your team picks a champion you want to play, you will have to chose a different champion. Only one of each champion per team is allowed in a game.

    Now the game begins. You begin by buying items, choosing your first skill, and guarding your towers. You can level a max of 18 times while in the game, and this allows you to improve your character by leveling up one of the four skills unique to each champion. At level 6 your champion gets his ultimate(usually the champion's strongest move) and at levels 11 and 16 you can upgrade it. You level by gaining xp from killing creeps and enemy champions. This also gives you gold that is used to by items to improve your champion even more, but only 6 items can be held at any one time, so choose wisely. This continues until one of the teams either destroys the nexus(in classic), or one team loses all their resource points(dominion). Then the game is ended and you will be able to see how many kills/deaths/assist you acquired threw out the game.

    Game Session 1:

    My first game was a Co-op vs AI game on the Classic Summoner's Rift(5v5) mode. The Computer players were set to intermediate. In this game i played Ahri, which is a ranged Ability Power(AP) champion or a magic based champion . I took the center lane by myself, with my other teammates splitting into the other two lanes. I dominated my lane and this lead to a easy victory. At the end of the game, i had 18 kills, 0 deaths, and 18 assist. The game ended around the 30 minute mark with use killing the enemy nexus.

    Game Session 2:

    The second game i played was a PvP Dominion The Crystal Scar(5v5). This time i played Talon, a melee Attack Damage(AD) Champion. In this game i finished with 5 kills, 7 deaths, and 9 assist. It was a very close game, but at the end we lost by 0 points to 90 points. We had very bad coordination as a group and wouldn't help each other. We started out good, but as the game went on everyone started getting greedy trying to get more towers under our control, instead of just guarding the 3 we needed to win. However, it was still a fun game.

    My Experiences:

    In my experiences, this is a very fun and even addicting game, and with the addition of the Co-op vs AI mode, the learning curve is not nearly as steep as it use to be.
    It does get frustrating depending on other players to do their part, because even one bad player can mess up a game. The player does not even have to be bad, they can ruin the game by just having a big mouth and complaining about everyone else.
    It is semi-innovative game , by having so many champions to choose from to accommodating all the different play styles out there. It is also nice because you don't always have to play the same two or three players. There is a wide selection, so you can play one champion in one game, then another champion in the next if you want.
    One thing i might would change about the game however, is maybe add a few different maps for each mode, and make them randomly chosen. This would make the game more interesting and a bit more challenging because you never know what map you will get.

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    Mattmdf's League of Legends (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 5 February, 2012

    Mattmdf's opinion and rating for this game

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