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    cs771's League of Legends (PC)

    [February 5, 2012 11:13:26 PM]
    LoL creates conflict very very quickly. Within the first minute of gameplay you can already hate the guts of the opposing team. Especially if they try something sneaky and invade your side of the map as a coordinated force.
    LoL will put your skills up against another player's for the entirety of the game. Whoever can time their abilities right and time the killing of the minions will ultimately win. That's the essence of really any PvP game. You want to prove yourself to your friends and to your enemies.

    League of Legends can really keep people hooked. They do this by releasing a new champion every two weeks. By doing this they keep the gameplay dynamic by continually changing the possible match-ups in lanes. Also they create a sort of RPG system of gaining levels as you play the game. You start at level 1 and as you win matches you get experience. The level cap is 30 and as you level up you unlock various rewards such as new spells and more rune slots to customize your character.
    Once you get level 30 you can then compete in a higher level of combat called ranked matches. You will then gain points and lose points as you win and lose games. At the end of 'seasons' (usually a year) they will give rewards out to the best players in the world that have the highest rankings.

    In terms of social interactions, I've actually met and continued talking to lots of people in the game. You can chat during the game and at the end of the game you have the option to invite players to your friends list. If you enjoyed playing with someone during the game and they were good, you will usually add them to your friends list to continue playing with them. On the flip side, you can ignore people at the end of the game that were being ridiculous. By that I mean "trolling" or they talked a lot of smack.

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    [February 5, 2012 10:29:22 PM]
    I really liked the game play in League of Legends (LoL). It has a very good system to get new players into it. The game is completely free. You can play the game to its full extent without ever paying a penny. However, unlocking new characters is a very tedious process that can take weeks to get a single character.
    LoL has around 90 champions that you can play in the game. There are 10 free champions that can you play that change every week. If you want to play a champion whenever you want you have to unlock them with either Influence Points (IP) or Riot Points (RP). IP you get for winning games and RP you get for paying real life money.
    IP you can use to unlock champions (it takes a lot!), and RP you can use to unlock champions and unlock custom skins.
    LoL has become so popular because of this price model they have, although I'd be willing to bet the average LoL player ends up spending more on LoL than other similar games.

    The level design is pretty good. It is the standard DOTA genre of game map. There is a large square map with three "lanes" that go between each corner of the map. In these lanes is where most of the combat happens. Players will be assigned to these lanes during the champion selection: top, mid, and bottom. Between these lanes is the jungle. In the jungle there are neutral monsters that players from either team can kill. In each lanes there are a series of defense towers. Two towers are outside of the base and two inside each lane.

    One of the biggest things I would change about the game is something that actually happened to me in this most recent LoL session. I was playing and someone on my team left the game. What happens when they do this is their in game character will automatically go back to base and stay there for the rest of the game. That means I'm now in a 4v5 situation and will 99% of the time lose unless my team is doing very very well. I wish they could implement a system where once a player leaves another player could be invited to the game to instantly pick up where the 'leaver' was. This would give my team a chance to do something with the current game instead of undoubtedly losing.
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    cs771's League of Legends (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 5 February, 2012

    cs771's opinion and rating for this game

    Great game.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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