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    jp's Dead Nation (PS3)

    [February 7, 2012 11:39:51 AM]
    For some reason, I keep on having issues with the controls for this game. It takes me about 15 minutes or so before I remember how to aim and shoot. This is bizarre, since I've played the game at least three times for a non-insignificant amount of time (at least 30 mins each time). I'm not entirely sure why this is...perhaps because I'm left-handed and have a harder time controlling stuff with the right analog stick? (aiming consists of pointing in the desired direction with the rick stick and then..I think(?) pressing one of the right bumpers).

    Hmm. That doesn't make any sense either because I don't really have problems with twin-stick shooters. But I guess in those you don't have to press a separate button to fire?

    In any case, I've enjoyed playing the game so far (I've cleared 3 missions in the single-player) including the first mission co-op with a friend.
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    jp's Dead Nation (PS3)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 4 February, 2012

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