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    eric.sherman's Minecraft (PC)

    [February 6, 2012 11:07:21 PM]
    Minecraft is a game that allows player to be more creative than just about any other game out there. This game allows the player to break blocks and reuse them in another place that they choose. There are blocks such as dirt, sand, rock, clay, gold, iron, diamonds, red dust, lava and water. This blocks can be used to make class, armor, weapon, red dust circuits and so much more. This is why the game is so innovative because it allows the player to create so much more that the usual crafting systems. A player can build houses, castles, or any thing that a player can think of with the game rules. The game has enemies that only appear in darkness which means only at night or underground will you see them. If you die you re-spawn back at the start so if you don't know where you were at the time of death then you loss all you items. There is not much to the reward system except the more you play the more the items you collect and make to change the world as you see fit. I personally like how the game is completely open ended so you are only limited by the blocks that are in the game and your creativity. The red dust circuits allow you to make electronic like circuits to run hydraulics and open doors and any thing in between. The level design is a basic randomization of may types of block underneath a couple of layers of dirt. There are lakes river and oceans make up of water blocks and/or lava blocks. Also There are jungles and deserts with in the world that you reside in. there is a limitation on elevation and depth but the game allows some one to move in a plan for almost forever.
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    eric.sherman's Minecraft (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 6 February, 2012

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