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    jp's What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 2 (PSP)

    [March 7, 2012 04:54:00 PM]
    I've decided to move on to something else. I'll confess that the game's pace was simply too much for me. I'm not that good at planning strategy that quickly and I was starting to feel that although I was able to complete (most, but not all!) of the tutorials, quite a few challenges, and the first two areas, it was mostly due to "luck" rather than the result of my careful planning and good decisions.

    It's not that the game is too complicated, the tutorials actually do a reasonable job of slowly introducing and layering each of the game's fundamental systems. Any reasonable simulation game would have these. My issue is with the fact that when actually playing the game, you had to (for some challenges at least) RACE ahead in the digging and mostly hope for the best. So yes, it's frantic (not a bad thing in and of itself), but less thoughtful than I would have liked.

    The game is definitely funny, and wacky in a way that is quite refreshing. I've been reading about how people are saying that japanese games "just suck". I think it's an unfair comment because, at least given the limited offerings we do get here in the West, I see a level of experimentation that is, for the most part, missing in most Western commercial releases.
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    [February 27, 2012 05:08:24 PM]
    I'm slowly but surely(?) figuring this game out. It's incredibly hard, and the reviews say so, but it's crazy and zany enough that I'm enjoying sticking with it for as far as I can. I've had trouble finishing some of the tutorials, for example!

    So far, I'm a bit confused by the fact that the game tasks you with figuring out/managing an ecosystem and at the same time requires that you act incredibly quickly in order to get anything done by the time the heroes waltz into the dungeon you've built. So, it's less like Dungeon Keeper and more like playing a game of Sim City in which Godzilla will show up 6 minutes in.... How great a city can you build in that time?
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    [February 23, 2012 06:49:48 PM]
    This game's title seems strangely appropriate since I've had trouble completing some of the tutorials without losing! I did, after a few attempts, beat the first area and I'm not on to the 2nd. However, I'm engaged enough that I'll continue to work on it. I'm hoping I'll be able to get better! This game is HARD!

    Curious thing so this game strangely connected to Half-Minute Hero?! I'm pretty sure some of the character names are the same. (Badman? Some of the heros? Despair?) Hmmm, I'll have to look into that.
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    jp's What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 2 (PSP)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 21 February, 2012

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 7 March, 2012

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

    Definitely worth playing and looking at. It's a new spin on simulation games that is as refreshing as it is harsh and unrepentant in its difficulty.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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