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    dkirschner's Crysis 2 (360)

    [April 19, 2012 02:16:36 PM]
    Going to write an entry while I download multiplayer 'how-to' videos from Xbox Live, since I'll try multiplayer out later and see what it's like. Crysis 2 was good, but I think I overhyped it. My Crytek games from favorite to least favorite are Far Cry, Crysis, Crysis 2, Crysis: Warhead, and Far Cry 2. Crysis had more memorable moments for sure. The aliens there were also scarier. These aliens were mostly just stupid. Also, I remember bitching that Crysis only had one boss battle. At least it had one. Crysis 2 has 0. That bit is really lame. There are a couple typical 'gunship' fights and 'giant robot' fights, but I wouldn't call them boss battles. The gunship fight wasn't hard at all. You just had to line up a rocket when it was hovering or strafing in a straight line. The only remotely difficult part was trying to hit it with all your ammo and not run out. The giant robot fights were STUPID. I honestly hated them. They epitomize a gripe I have with the enemies in general, which is twofold:

    (1) enemies have the uncanny ability to know exactly where you are even if you are stealthed and your little 'detect meter' is low, so the enemies really shouldn't be able to know where you are. There's a difference though, right, they don't 'see' you really. But they know where you are. Means they don't walk up and shoot you, but they'll just camp your position, and they'll walk right toward you, and if you move around, they'll just follow you with their gun. Like this is when your detect bar is nonexistent. They should have NO CLUE where I am!

    And the second part is that a couple enemy types use this anti-cloaking ability that drains your suit energy or just reveals you. So to sum up and narrate what typically happens. I've just stealth killed an enemy. My detect bar is low and I'm stealthed. I walk into a far corner. 3 enemies come to my remote corner even though it's 50 feet away from their dead squadmate, and stand facing me. Then one of them will do his anti-cloak skill. If I move around them while they're standing facing me, they just turn and follow me with their guns. So these giant robots do the same damn thing except you can only damage them from the rear. If they're always facing you then HOW THE HELL DO YOU KILL THEM? Seriously, I think the first one you fight is in like this library type place where you can walk around the giant robot 360 degrees. No matter where I went, I would pop out, and he'd be facing me head on. Like he knows where I am. You just have to wait and EVENTUALLY he'll turn around. Those fights take like 15 minutes and they're just frustrating.

    One other dumb thing is that in the mission intel parts, they're always like "We have 10 minutes to rescue the civilians!" "In 15 minutes, everything will explode!" But there is NEVER an actual timer! There is no sense of urgency at all. It seems like there is, but nothing happens on a timer. They really shouldn't keep giving time frames for things if they're not going to actually time it. Now that I got all the bitching out of the way...

    Crysis 2 is a pretty sweet game overall. It reminds me of Crysis, obviously, and also of Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, and other 'stealthy' games. You don't have to stealth a lot if you don't want to, but I so love stealthing. The game reminds me also of a game I haven't played yet, but have read about, the new Deus Ex game, because from what I gather in that game, there are numerous ways you can accomplish objectives by being creative. I'm sure Crysis 2 is a lesser version of this, but your nanosuit has 4 modes - stealth, power, speed, and armor. If you want to stealth kill everyone, you can. If you want to activate armor and be a juggernaut, you can. If you want to be a hit-and-run parkour marine, you can. Also, the tactical visor helps you get a feel for the area. Using it, you can mark enemies and ammo caches like you could do in Crysis and Far Cry (I think in both...). In Crysis 2, it gives you 'tactical options' too, which means it will point out where it may be good to stealth, to ledge grab, to flank, or where you can use a mounted turret. Actually I found the tactical options a bit silly. I'd rather explore the map on my own and find the mounted turret than have the HUD just tell me. I did like the tactical visor for marking enemies. Since I stealthed most of the game, it was invaluable to know whether or not other enemies were around so I could time my kills and slink back into the shadows unnoticed. At first this nanosuit system felt constraining. I was always stealthing only. Later on once I got used to the controls and the game a bit more, I began changing it up some. In the end, in addition to stealth, I spent a lot of time with Armor activated and sprinting to enemies and meleeing the crap out of them. That was intense. I started stealth killing enemies out in the open to alert all the others. Then I'd hide, and when they came near me (facing me and doing that stupid anti-stealth skill), I'd just pop armor and rush the group. I almost died doing that probably 20 times.

    You can upgrade the suit by getting this stuff off dead aliens. You get enough to pretty much learn all the suit's modifications throughout the game, but some of them are definitely useless or near useless. Actually nearing the end, probably the last 1/4, I realized that only aliens gave me the upgrade material so I really didn't need to kill humans anymore. I began just stealthing through them. Then shortly after I realized this, I realized that I'd upgraded everything I wanted to on the suit, so I really didn't need to kill aliens anymore either. I just stealthed through most of the end bits of the game unless I had to kill. I still can't believe there was no boss fight. At least New York looked freaking amazing. Crysis 2 definitely has that going for it. It's a beautiful looking game. But, like in Crysis 1, this is countered by the silly bugs. Practically every firefight there was one enemy who was stuck, walking into a wall or wedged in a doorway. I got a lot of easy kills, even on some bigger enemies like the shielded alien, because they were just stuck.

    Yyyyyep. All my multiplayer videos downloaded, so I'll watch those and play around with it at some point. Good times.
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    dkirschner's Crysis 2 (360)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 13 April, 2012

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 19 April, 2012

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Pretty and pretty fun ------------ Yep, solid game. New York looks great.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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