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    dkirschner's Madworld (Wii)

    [June 5, 2012 11:08:22 AM]
    I bought this because it looked awesome. Black and white, gory as hell, reminded me of Sin City...none of those things are off the mark, but I went from being like "oh my god, awesome!" to "yawn, this suuuucks" pretty fast. I didn't finish it, just played for 2.5 hours tonight.

    First of all, I stick by the way it looks. The comic book style is sweet, even if the black and white (and red) makes it kinda hard to see things, like where a floor ends or something. Actually the game made me kinda dizzy, maybe because of the fact I couldn't always differentiate things due to the thick lines and only 3 colors, but DEFINITELY because I didn't like the camera. It wouldn't follow behind me, so like I'd turn and my character would whip around but the camera would slowly turn a little bit and I'd get disoriented and try to turn again, and then maybe the camera would snap around this time...and there was a button, the C button, to center the camera behind me, but pushing that all the time just made my head spin and seemed unnecessary. Why doesn't the camera follow the character? This was also really annoying when I needed to lock on to an enemy like a boss, which you also do by holding C. I'd think I was holding it long enough, let go, the camera whips around, and now the boss is behind me because my character turned and the camera whipped around and the boss moved and it didn't lock on, and now I'm getting hit. sjfhsfkjh.

    I actually feel like the black and white kinda took away some of the detail. I'd find myself having to stare at enemies or environments to pick out like am I looking at somewhere I can jump or is that just a wall? Or what type of enemy is that? Bosses for example looked like they might look cool, but with color they would have been way more impressive. It seems like the main reason to have the game feature black and white is to highlight the red of the blood and gore, of which there is aplenty. This is mostly what I thought was so awesome at the beginning. I also thought the particular gruesome weapons and traps and environmental kills were pretty awesome in the beginning, but they soon become just variations of the same thing. So for example, the first time I was introduced to the Rose Bush, a big wall with spikes on it to impale enemies, I was like 'holy shit, this is hilarious and awesome,' but then in the next level there was a train with spikes and then another wall with spikes in the next level, then a tree with's just spikes and it's the same impaling.

    The environmental kill challenges were pretty amusing, like Human Darts (hurl enemies onto a giant dartboard of death), the crusher one where you have to throw enemies into a pit and a giant slab crushes them, or the one where you have to stuff as many enemies as you can into fireworks barrels and they shoot into the sky and their blood makes hearts and the word 'love.' That one was pretty funny.

    Enemies just got harder (more annoying) though and you didn't really get any new ways to kill them. The game very quickly became just beat up rooms of enemies to get points, unlock the boss, kill the boss, beat up more rooms of enemies to get points, unlock the boss, kill the boss, repeat. I really think the camera was my major issue here. Oh yeah, but also the sound and commentary. I got pretty tired of the same rap soundtrack over and over, and it was irritating that I had trouble making out what the commentators were saying because they music would just overshadow them. When I did hear them, they were usually being real know, sometimes funny, sometimes not, but overall them talking about scrotums and dropping a ton of F bombs wasn't anything I wanted to keep listening to...but it was STILL annoying that I couldn't hear it. I turned down the music and turned on the subtitles, which kept turning off or just not showing up for some reason. The music settings stayed changed.

    Yeah so, this game. Just kind of funny for being so over the top and does not interest me in the slightest after playing it a bit.
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    dkirschner's Madworld (Wii)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 5 June, 2012

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 5 June, 2012

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Looks cool as hell, but I did not like it very much.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstar

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