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    willyp's Madden NFL Football 2007 (PS2)

    [January 11, 2007 09:53:20 PM]
    I played some more Madden 2007, this time by myself. I started a new franchise in my hometown, Madison, Wisconsin. To me this was as much fun if not more than playing the actual game. I got to design the team's uniforms and choose from a logo, then I got to "build" a stadium for the team to play in. I did my best to model it after Camp Randall, our college stadium. After I designed the uniforms and stadium the game allowed me to choose an existing team's roster to use or to enter all of the players into a fantasy draft. I picked up some of the best players in the league and a few from my favorite team (the packers). After all this it was off to minicamp where I got to do drills with some players to improve their statistics/ratings. Finally it was time to get into the season. The gameplay was similar to Madden 2006 with a few improvements (in my opinion). When controlling the runner/player with the ball, the gamer used to have to press buttons to juke or spin. In the newest version, the juke controls are all on the right analog stick allowing for some pretty fancy footwork. Kicking has also been moved to the right analog stick which was much easier and more realistic than trying to correctly time button presses. One of my favorite changes was the ability to control the blocker rather than the runner on run plays. I used to play fullback for a lightweight football team so this addition brought me back to my playing days. Lead blocker also provided some of the coolest hits in the game. Anyway, Madden 2007 is a great game.
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    [January 11, 2007 09:16:07 PM]
    I love the Madden video games so, I was extremely excited to try out the newest version in the series Madden 2007. I started out by playing a game against one of my friends from swimming. I have been playing Madden for years now so the game started out a bit one sided, but, things evened out as the game progressed. The gameplay was a lot of fun as Madden has been, but, the best part for me was the competition between the two of us. Each big play provides the opportunity to get in your opponents face and be as much of a dick as you want. It was especially fun because two other friends were watching the game and providing commentary on the side as well as egging each of us on while we were taunting. After our game we watched the other two play and the experience was similar. Madden provides a great platform for fun and joking around.
    As for gameplay, the experience hasn't changed much over the past few years. By letting you push a button corresponding to a play the game allows you to hide what you are doing to some degree, although it is still possible to cheat. It also seemed a little easy to complete long passes. Often in the game between my other two friends, one friend would throw passes past multiple defenders to his receiver who would somehow catch the pass more often than not. Otherwise the game was pretty realistic and lots of fun.
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    willyp's Madden NFL Football 2007 (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 10 January, 2007

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