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    Johto_Kin's Final Fantasy XIII (360)

    [December 12, 2012 12:51:21 AM]
    I played this finally and I have to say that the game is wonderful when it comes to visual and audible representation, but its hard to say for the actual game play and mechanics. In the visual representation, it was amazing. The characters are animated and designed with almost no detail missed. On top of that, the levels were designed beautifully to the point of a movie-like environment and an environment that suits the situation, like a beach for a peacefully happy scene. The audible representation is wonderful as well that is well implemented in the game play to give the players some nice battle music to play to. However, the actual game play is not very impressive as it does not follow some of the original parts of the Final Fantasy series regarding to managing and side quests. Instead, the developers adjust older mechanics to replace most mechanics of management and concentrates more on going though a story plot. Although the story plot is excellent in the way it is implemented, the game pathway makes it similar to the layout of Candyland, except has a story and no short cuts where it goes from start to finish with no real choice in the matter. Now to add on to the mechanics, the actual fighting and game play seems to concentrate on the design and art of the levels and fights instead of on the actual game play as it is very repetitive in fights and very time consuming as the fights can last for long periods of time, even with little fights. This in itself forces players to either grind for hours to end fights slightly quicker or to endure "long" fights with enemies which in a way, add to the repetitive factor of the fights when seeing the same move used over and over again for hours. The good portion to this is a stagger system that can end fights quickly if uninterrupted where the enemy takes extra damage and in later parts of the game can trigger movie-like fighting while in the game play. The downside to that is the sudden player dependence to the stagger system to do any true damage to bosses or enemies which can bring up the repetitive factor again. In general this game is boring when it comes to actual game play however, the game's visual/audible representation make up for the repetitive factor so much that I am looking forward to beating this game just for more.
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    Johto_Kin's Final Fantasy XIII (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 3 September, 2012

    Johto_Kin's opinion and rating for this game

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