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    Lithenix's League of Legends (PC)

    [September 18, 2012 07:50:06 AM]
    In League of Legends, there is another mode called Dominion (a mode I'm not very fond of). Dominion is a fast-paced, Capture-and-Hold style game mode set up in a circular map with five capture points. In order to win, one of the two teams versing each other must be able to drain the other's nexus health to 0 by maintaining more captured points than the other, and by killing the opposing team, or when they surrender.

    To capture a point , a player must go near a tower and right click a point to start channeling a capture stream. The more players channeling to a point, the faster the process will go. If the team is trying to capture the enemy team's point, it must first be neutralized before changing ownership, thus it takes twice as long as just capturing a neutral tower. Once a point has been taken, it will begin spawning minions to help push towards the other points and the opponent's nexus health will begin to drop if they have less points captured.
    What's interesting about this mode is that the system will give the teams quests to capture a point based on the state of the map over time. When completing these quests, the successful team will be rewarded to help defeat the opponent team.

    I actually had difficulty playing this game at first before I bought a video card. For some reason, when I tried to play Dominion, it would only let me run maybe five frames per second on the lowest settings, and so I despised the mode. When I go back to it now, it runs very smoothly. Compared to Summoner's Rift, this map is a little more confusing in my opinion. It is circular, but the placing of heals and buffs are all over the place. It may be because I'm not used to play Dominion, but I feel as though I always get lost in the center of the map...

    What's really great about this game is that because it's fast-paced, the game should end within the 20 to 30 minute mark. If it goes past that, then either both teams really match each other well, or both teams are doing something wrong (or just simply fooling around).

    This mode overall to me is just something very different. I can't say I hate it, but I'm not a huge fan of it, either, but it is a nice change from the normal mode from time to time.
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    [September 3, 2012 11:16:33 PM]
    I've been playing League of Legends for quite awhile, and I still find it fun if it's not overplayed. This game has a different vibe to me because it is the first of the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) style games I've ever played.

    League of Legends is a free-to-play game developed by Riot Games similar to Warcraft 3's DotA (Defense of the Ancients) map. In league, you have the choice of playing up to 104 different champions with set attributes and abilities. All champions have four spells and a passive ability created for that champion. Players can customize their champion by creating a mastery and a rune page, and buying items in game.

    In the classic mode 5 vs 5 , there are two team of five players. Along with the ten players, there are NPC minions that spawn periodically to help push the three different lanes. In each lanes, the teams have three turrets and an inhibitor, along with two nexus turrets to protect their base. The end of the game is decided when one team pushes and destroys the other team's nexus, or when one team surrenders the game.

    The designs and graphics of this game are pretty good, considering that I have my graphics set to low. The music isn't anything complex. It does, however, gets your mind into the game if you have it playing, but most players have their own music playing or no music at all. The game itself is hard to lose focus in because timing and quick decision-making is vital. The moment you stop paying attention could possibly cost the game. The hotkeys set in the game is pretty simple and close by each other, so your left hand isn't flying everywhere to hit them. And to make it more convenient, you can also go into settings and throw in a few more keys to help you out.

    Overall, I find this game very interesting for its gameplay and champion concepts. When having a team with good communication, or at least some manners, the battle can be enjoyable, even if you lose. On the downside, the community in league is pretty frustrating, and sometimes they make me wonder why I play this game...
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    Lithenix's League of Legends (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 16 December, 2011

    Lithenix's opinion and rating for this game

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