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    jwhite16's Assassin's Creed II (360)

    [September 9, 2012 12:28:54 PM]
    In Assassinís Creed II, I love the way they changed up the gameplay and controls in the game. The gameís genre is action, adventure, strategy, and puzzle. I love the way Ubisoft incorporates every single type of genre in the game because it makes it much more playable and versatile. From the first Assassinís Creed to this one, I really like the fact that they allowed the player to be able to swim, use different machines and vehicles, and different weapons. The third person view works so much better with this game because it allows the player to use the whole camera range and see the opponents coming from all angles, not just whatís in front of them. Assassinís Creed II also has some cryptic puzzles that you have to solve to further enhance the story and this makes the game a lot more appealing to the consumer. By adding this, I feel like Iím not just playing a game, but personally getting to know the gameís characters. Ubisoft also makes the game different than other games by adding historical background to it. From the archeology of the city of Florence, Italy, to famous people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, the game incorporates many different elements to please their consumers. I especially like learning about these facts in history because it shows that Iím not just wasting my time mindlessly playing a game, Iím actually learning little bits about history. The design is well done in the game as well because they changed the health bar and map to make it easier to see whatís going on in the game. Adding different weapons to the game made it much more interesting also because it shows how technology and innovative weapons were coming along during the Renaissance period. As the game progresses technology does as well by adding the pistol, crossbow, and poison darts. The new machines that are invented by Leonardo also add much more personality and imagination to the game. The only aspects of the game I found bad were that talking to some of the characters didnít complete the mission objective and that it would sometimes glitch during the cut scenes. Otherwise, the graphics were amazing for the game and the dialogue was clear and concise. Subtitles helped especially for the parts in Italian. I would recommend everyone to play this game and test it out for themselves.
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    jwhite16's Assassin's Creed II (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 6 September, 2012

    jwhite16's opinion and rating for this game

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