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    KTGOMASON117's DayZ (PC)

    [September 10, 2012 10:16:36 PM]
    This week seemed to be a zombie killing kind of week. And one of the most popular zombie games out right now is DayZ. Now this game is really a mod for another game called ArmA 2. This mod is a realistic zombie survival game. And this game deserves the description of realistic. The player starts out with a bandage, a box of painkillers, and their wits. The whole objective of the game is to survive. Survival in this game consists of more than just not dying from zombies; the player has to keep track of their body temperature, blood levels, hunger and most importantly, water intake. But as if zombies and health care are not enough to look out for, other players are also usually out to kill all they see, the dead or living. This game also offers a very frustrating game mechanic; if the player dies, all of their gear, all that they spent hours if not days collecting, is gone once they die. No check points, no saved games. This threat of ultimate death adds so much tension to an already challenging game.
    Since DayZ is still considered in Alpha stage, it is full of bugs. While sometimes this can help the player out (imagine reentering a server after a tough battle to find all of your health stats full), it can also bore ill (such as deleting vital supplies from your inventory). Most glitches are far and few between, but the possibility of a bug happening during an important moment hangs over the players head.
    One of the most frustrating parts of the game is the awkward controls. This is mostly due to the game being a mod in a game with awkward controls. One main problem is the fact to even use all the controls, the player has to have a NUM pad on their keyboard. If the player does not, they canít enter a third person mode that allows better views around the player in game. Another problem is the way the player can crouch or go prone. This game uses w, a, s, d to move around, the keys z, x, and c allow the player to go prone, crouch, and stand. While navigating from zombies, the placement of these actions makes it hard to navigate successfully.
    One really awesome feature is how a player can start a character on one server, quit and leave that server, find another, and have their character load in the same spot, same gear, as if on the last server. This allows players to leave certain servers that are full of bandits (human players who hunt down fellow human players for their gear).
    The most striking feature about this game is how it is only in Alpha, and yet it is utterly fantastic. Sure it is full of bugs and other issues, but even despite all of that, it holds its own against other zombie games. The finished game, when it comes out, should be awesome.

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    KTGOMASON117's DayZ (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 10 September, 2012

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