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    TStanesa's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

    [September 12, 2012 09:26:53 PM]
    Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most recent sequel to the Counter-Strike series of games. Global Offensive included a few changes besides the major graphical update. It has changed the weapon balance, the money system, and the aiming. These changes have adapted counter-strike to be much more welcoming to new players who don't have the skill set of the experienced players of it's predecessors. I tried to play counter-strike: source but I was unable to get a single kill from hours of playtime. This was so disheartening that I never played the game again, even though I enjoy high skill competitive games.
    The weapon system in Global Offensive is vastly more balanced than it's predecessors. In previous games players would only use 3 to 4 weapons out of the many available guns. Global Offensive gives each gun pros and cons which support a variety of guns to be used. New players can beat stronger players if they are using a weapon more suited to the range of combat (e.g. a shotgun in close quarters versus a sniper rifle). In addition, the sniper rifles have been made less usable at close range or while moving. This means that teams will have to choose weapons more carefully based on the situation. This is one aspect of the game that deepens the strategy of Global Offensive.
    The money system has been changed somewhat obviously to make more expensive weapons more powerful. However this is a fundamental difference to the strategy of the game. This allows new players to save up for a powerful weapon and get kills against stronger opponents. However the high price of these weapons insures that they can only be purchased occasionally if players are saving up. These powerful weapons are a huge boon to the experience for new players, as those few kills give players the motivation to keep learning the game and get better at playing. Additionally the item shop is much faster to use, encouraging players to buy each weapon and equipment carefully instead of buying a set of weapons.
    The aiming has been changed very subtly to change how recoil is managed. In Counter-Strike: Source the recoil was highly predictable, and experienced players could know exactly where their next bullet would go, allowing them to fire weapons at full auto and still hit targets at long range. Global Offensive makes the recoil more unpredictable, giving sniper rifles more of a clear role as a long range weapon. This aspect of the game is a major reason for the diverse array of weapons available for practical use.
    Another very important change is the edition of matchmaking. This puts players of a similar skill level together. This is important in adjusting the learning curve to make counter-strike a more hospitable environment for new players. I certainly wouldn't be playing counter-strike if not for this matchmaking.
    There are many other details which have been changed and which also have a strong effect on the game, but I found these aspects to be the most important. Essentially, this games best trait is that it has been streamlined by over a decade of play. Still, it was impressive to see how well ironed of wrinkles the game was, considering it would have sold well regardless due to its title alone. The game still requires some patience to learn, but now I would definitely recommend it to new players.
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    TStanesa's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 18 August, 2012

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