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    fanwar3's Portal (PC)

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    fanwar3's Portal (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 16 September, 2012

    fanwar3's opinion and rating for this game

    Portal is one of those games that are very intellectually stimulating. I have started playing it yesterday and now I am on test chamber 19. But, I started off playing Portal 2 first, but never finished the game. Hence, I just wanted to explore the portal world and see what I could do with my portal gun while fighting through GLaDos turrets. The gameplay was so interesting I stayed hooked to the game. In other words, it was like solving a puzzle. It shows that there are many solutions to solving each puzzle in each level of this game. And I thought, wow! This is the first time I discovered that if speedy things go in, speedy things come out. Two portals, orange and blue, can be created by the portal gun. I could put a portal at the bottom of the surface and put another portal at the ceiling (if it was white), and I would jump and speed through portals like crazy. A common maneuver I would do is to jump down to my created portal on the floor and emerge through a wall, flying over an obstacle or a gap. One of the hardest parts of the game was fighting the turrets. To fight them, I could pick up the turret and drop it and then it starts shooting erratically until it becomes disabled. An easy way I could fight the turrets is if I got the companion cube, I could just knock over the turrets and they would become disabled immediately. Also, I could use weighted companion blocks to take out turrets by placing a portal over the turret's head and another under a block. I experienced these same elements while playing Portal 1, except to a simpler degree. Since Portal 1 has a really short story, I beat the levels fairly quickly and now I am on the last test chamber. There were gels in Portal 2 that allowed to run faster and jump higher, but they did not exist in Portal 1. But, I saw energy spheres, which are used frequently where I have to negotiate my path using portals to activate a switch.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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