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    szahirieh's Halo Reach (360)

    [September 17, 2012 10:03:00 PM]
    A game that I have been playing a lot for the last two years has been Halo Reach for the Xbox 360. This game is one of my favorites for many reasons. It is a scientific fiction first person shooter game that plays very differently from the standard first person shooter. First of all, the game doesn't rely on as much twitch control due to the amount of damage a player can take. A player can take shots for a good amount of time, and therefore has the opportunity to win a fight even if he or she is the first one hit, unlike other first person shooters like Call of Duty when it only takes three or four bullets to kill someone. The wide variety of maps, weapons, vehicles, and game types prevent this game from getting boring quickly. The campaign is also fun, and I can play the missions a few times over before getting bored of it. Firefight is a good way to fight Covenant enemies outside of the campaign. It is a mode where infinite waves of enemies are sent at you until you die. This mode doesn't gets boring due to the large variety of ways to customize the enemy and player traits, allowing me to create crazy ways to fight enemies. If shooting in general gets boring, I can go into forge mode, a mode that allows players to create their own unique maps. This is so much fun as it allows me to express my imagination through making all sorts of different maps and game types. However, there are a few times where the forge mode's physics and controls can get a little bit annoying. Halo Reach is a unique first person shooter that, in my opinion, requires a lot more skill than other shooters, and therefore, is much more fun to play than other shooters.
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    szahirieh's Halo Reach (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 17 September, 2012

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