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    Prodimator's Halo 3 (360)

    [September 17, 2012 10:56:48 PM]
    I did not get much chance to play any games this past week except for the few matches of Halo 3 with my friend. I will try my best not to fan boy rant about it. Whatever Bungie did with this game, it definitely hit the spot for me. Halo 3 gives me a sort of blissful feeling, almost highlighting the games “perfection”, even though no game can be perfect. It just seems to me that they fit everything that they could possibly put into this game together in such a way where it just works. Right off the bat, they created a story, not the main story, but a smaller intimate relationship that is so much deeper than you could possibly imagine. Bungie had managed to create a connection between Master Chief and Cortana, two characters who could not really be considered humans, that resembles the strongest human bond possible. Besides sending the story of the Halo trilogy out with a bang, Bungie managed to form together gameplay that was pretty spot on. Granted, you are a walking war machine that wreaks havoc and casts fear wherever you go on easy difficulty, but as the difficulty increases, you start to feel more and more like an actual soldier. The high-ranking enemies slowly go from the pathetic gnats to the war machine that you once were. As with the previous Halo games, the radically different weapons were balanced in a way where no gun was the better all-around gun. Each scenario had its best option and vice versa.
    It really is a shame people have stopped playing what was once a huge center for multiplayer on Xbox Live. Halo 3 is now being dwarfed by what it can do. Five years offers a huge amount of change in the gaming community. Halo 3’s multiplayer is lacking, I think for the best, a lot of the things that modern shooters now implement into multiplayer. For example, armor abilities in Halo Reach. Armor abilities are great in theory, but they are a poor addition to a game. It radically changes gameplay and most of the time makes the game favor one person over the other, creating an unfair advantage. Halo 3 was an even playing field.
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    Prodimator's Halo 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 25 December, 2007

    Prodimator's opinion and rating for this game

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