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    mobmarkymark's Portal 2 (PS3)

    [September 24, 2012 05:57:48 PM]
    Portal 2 is an extremely fun and unique game that contains mechanics not commonly seen in many games. From a surface level perspective, one may assume that Portal 2 is just another first person shooter. However, it is an extremely different kind of first person experience. The core mechanics of the game involve a portal gun that transports the player from one place to another. There are some surfaces that the player may not place a portal on, making Portal 2 kind of a glorified puzzle game. One must use his or her critical thinking power to navigate the levels within the game. The aspect of the game that makes it so fun, though, is the plot. The narrative elements of the game incorporate humor, suspense, and mystery which make it an extremely addicting story. The art design of the game is also very important. At the beginning of the story, the art creates a post-apocalyptic atmosphere which really causes the player to question what events had taken place before the start of the story. As the game progresses, the levels are cleaned up. This creates an entirely different feel; a feeling of false progression or security is produced (The maps are pretty now, so everything in the outside world is A-Okay). In addition, the size and location of the maps greatly contribute to what the player feels. Having escaped the testing chambers, the player is thrown into incredibly immense maps that make it feel as though anything is possible. Thus, the large maps cause the intended feeling of freedom. Another aspect of the game that should not go unmentioned is the musical composition. Levels are coupled with sounds and music that add to the desired feel of the level, making the game experience that much more immersive. For example, the ending credits contain a song orchestrated exclusively for Portal 2. This song has since become a Youtube hit, racking up several million views. All of the previously discussed facets blended into a single game make Portal 2 an extremely satisfying gaming experience.
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    mobmarkymark's Portal 2 (PS3)

    Current Status: Played occasionally

    GameLog started on: Monday 18 April, 2011

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 6 October, 2012

    mobmarkymark's opinion and rating for this game

    I bought and played Portal 2 the first day it came out, and I finished it within two days. Absolutely one of my favorite games of all time.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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