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    Jetgirl's Animal Crossing (GC)

    [October 5, 2003 07:42:26 PM]
    I may be developing an Animal Crossing....problem. This game is compelling in a very odd way. I think partially because it taps into the collector's impulse. There are so many things to collect. Bugs, fish, fossils, paintings, furniture, clothing, old school Nintendo games... Another thing is it taps into the creative impulse. You can decorate your pad, create new patterns to put on the walls or floor or clothes. And the achievement impulse. You are constantly paying off your debt to old Tom Nook..and when you pay the debt off, you can get a larger house and more debt. Plus it tracks how "complete" your collection of bugs and fish is. Not only that, but the characters are so great. The animals are so funny! They say very surprisingly clever things. Speaking of which, that is another thing, the surprises. There are so many things which pop up around the town at different times of day and on different days. Last night, I got to see KK Slider perform and he gave me a tune that I could then subsequently put in my boombox. (You can collect tunes, too...) It was kind of a country desperado sounding song. So I put it in the boombox, and then decided I needed to re-design my living space to reflect the theme of the song. Tom Nook sold me a southwestern-style rug, and then I made a new wallpaper pattern with cactuses on it. This is just one gameplay example. Tomorrow "Crazy Redd" who sells rare furniture will be in town and I can't wait to see what he has. And then I found out about a ghost that prowls around late at night. Have to check that out too! I actually am finding myself being intensely tempted to buy an e-reader, just so I can extend my Animal Crossing experience further. And the addiction is spreading. My boyfriend (who previously called the game boring) has now moved into my town. Unfortunately, he also figured out how to make the character run instead of walk and trampled my flowers! Hmph. Time to plant more flowers.
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    [October 1, 2003 11:15:23 PM]
    This is such a neat little game. I looked at some web-sites about it yesterday and got more information than I really wanted. But enough to know that there are some neat surprises in store.

    I keep thinking that this would make a great MMO. Today it made me think about how time is used in an MMO. Generally, time goes by at an accelerated pace. But there are some interesting advantages to having a game be real time. For example, there are many interesting things going on in Animal Crossing depending on what day and time it is. I know that Saturday night, I will be able to look forward to KK Slider playing music at the train station. And he will be there for several hours, so I do not have to stress about not being able to play at an exact time. This set up gives me things to look forward to, and also keeps the pace of the game calm. Plus I feel like I can spend a half hour playing and have an enjoyable experience. With Star Wars Galaxies, I won't even let myself log on if I don't have at least two hours to play. There are trade-offs too though. For example, Tom Nook is having a sale tomorrow while I will likely be at school. But I might just bring the game with me and play it in the lab to take advantage of his amazing wall-paper sale!
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    [September 30, 2003 06:29:10 PM]
    Animal Crossing is a great stay home sick game. The game is just so cute and mellow, it is hard for it to not make you feel at least a little better. It is a very relaxing game. I played for about two hours today. I got out from under the thumb of that horrible Tom Nook and now I am ready to party. It seems that one of the most intriguing things about this game is the way they integrate 1 player at a time multi-play. I think this could make a good MMO, honestly. You wouldn't have to change anything at all. One person could start a town and give a password to three friends who could join that town. And you could visit other towns (and send mail to other towns). The advantage to having it online vs. the way it is now is that you could have multiple players playing together at the same time. You could, for example, have a party at your house and invite all your friends from different towns. You would also probably have to have the ability to ban certain players from your town, or else people would only be able to take certain actions (they wouldn't be able to change the face of the town too much).

    I also like the real time clock, and the fact that the town clock chimes on the hour. I know when it is time to quit and get back to work!
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    Jetgirl's Animal Crossing (GC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 30 September, 2003

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 30 January, 2005

    Jetgirl's opinion and rating for this game

    I have been playing this game at least once a day every day since I started. It is an amazingly interesting game for all its cute fluffyness.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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