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    dmullig2's call of duty modern warfare 2 (360)

    [October 2, 2012 03:24:58 PM]
    Lately, I have started playing Modern Warfare 2 again, basically because I donít have that many games to play anymore. I realized that even though this game is very simplistic and somewhat redundant, it still manages to entertain after so many play sessions with it. Not only is this game 3 years old, but it has many seen yearly sequels which tend to be about the same. Nevertheless, it can still be an enjoyable game after so many years and so many sequels.

    What this game lacks in narrative and choices, it makes up in gameplay. The gameplay is very simplistic, as it was in previous games. Basically itís a shoot anything that moves kind of game, which requires very little thought and complexity. However, most people seem to like this concept, including myself, as we see time and again that Call of Duty games outsell almost every game in the market. What the game offers is instant gratification, as people love to compete and get the highest kill scores in the game. This seemingly competitive drive offers the most appealing aspect to this game.

    Other than this, the game is basically a boring game. The campaign is only 4 hours long with little to no narrative aspects. The story is basically forcing the player to move through various locations and kill the bad guys in somewhat outlandish Michael Bay action sequences. It gets old pretty fast, as the cheap thrills come fast and hard. Sprinkled with military mumbo jumbo and poor Russian accents, the single player campaign is remarkably dull.

    Although people hate to admit it, the Call of Duty franchise will continue to thrive in the game market as long as they are on the shelves. The simple design and a very intense but satisfying competitive drive help to stimulate the customer with hours upon hours of multiplayer mayhem. Although the campaign is completely pointless, it doesnít hamper the fact that the multiplayer reward system is actually quite impressive from a design standpoint, as the competitive drive continues to be a worthwhile reward system.
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    dmullig2's call of duty modern warfare 2 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 2 October, 2012

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