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    dkirschner's Tower Defense: Lost Earth (Other)

    [December 13, 2012 07:18:00 PM]
    I fear I may have hit a wall! There are 5 big areas with a bunch of levels each. I'm at the next-to-last level in the 3rd area and am really struggling to complete it on Hard. I've been on this about a week. The level is a really simple lay-out, just a sideways U and only one type of enemy, the fast runners. It's a 'survival' mode level, which means enemies come in waves for 11 minutes, getting progressively tougher, and you just have to keep the core alive til then. I should note the way waves work in this game. We'll say wave 1 has 5 enemies. Then wave 2 has 8. Wave 3 11. Wave 4 15...Wave 10 has 30. Then all the enemies get a health boost and it resets...Wave 11 has 5, Wave 12 has 8, Wave 13 has 11, etc. So the difficulty of the waves increased from 1-10, then resets with a harder 0 point and increases again from 11-20, resets with a higher 0 point, and so on. So you get these moments of respite when it resets where the enemies are tougher, but there are much fewer of them.

    Anyway, on this level, the hard waves are insane. I've developed a couple staple tower placements for the level, the first being a laser tower on the top-right of the sideways U so that it shoots all the enemies along the top straight. Bump the laser to level 2, and then begin a series of slow and assault towers. I was placing them on the entrance at the far left, but I've switched and put them closer to the laser tower to double up at the curve in the U shape. Last time I tried substituting those for rocket towers, and that didn't work, but I may try to interweave rocket and assault towers. I have found that slow towers are necessary for this level, the first level I've really used them.

    At some point, every time, enemies start making it through my gauntlet up top, so it's smart to keep enough money at all times to be able to build a slow and assault tower on the bottom to catch stragglers. I am still figuring out the optimal time and spot to do this because it doesn't always help much. Most of the time, once one enemy gets through, a handful of them get through, and one assault tower doesn't cut it. I have put more laser towers at all the corners, but that doesn't seem to be very cost-efficient since the majority of enemies are dead on the top straight anyway. Fully upgrading 2 or 3 more laser towers just to catch ones that make it through is a ton of money.

    I can make it to under 2 minutes most of the time, but I just get overwhelmed. I just need to keep tweaking placement of slow and damage towers, and I think I will try switching out some assault towers for much heavier-hitting and much more expensive rocket towers. The problem is that I rely on these laser towers, which do an awesome job for a long time, but enemy health ends up outpacing the damage they can do and enemies start making it through the upper gauntlet. Hmm.
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    [December 5, 2012 11:13:52 AM]
    Also, a quick post about this Android game. Best. Android. Game. Ever. I am a big tower defense fan, and this one is dead solid. It's also got tons of content. I've been playing I don't know how long...this entire semester probably...and I'm halfway through the campaign levels. What's been extending its life for me is the achievements. Each level has a number of achievements: beat it on easy, beat it on normal, beat it on hard (though beating it on a higher difficulty does not count for the easier ones too, so you do have to beat each level at least 3 times), use your special move, destroy all the crystals, don't lose a life, and use rapid deploy 25% of the time.

    Here's my order: First, I play a level on normal to get a feel. If I can do it without losing a life, or with destroying crystals, I will, but it's not always a good idea to try for like the crystals without beating the level once. Then I play it on hard, and usually use the special weapon here. Then I play it on easy to get the rapid deploy on 25% of the waves. This just makes waves come faster, which is obviously harder on your defense. And I'll get whatever other ones I didn't manage to get on my normal or hard playthroughs and play easy over and over until I get them all.

    There are also multiple game modes, some kind of store where you can buy extra damage and things, which you unlock with crystals, which you accumulate from beating levels and getting achievements. There are still two towers I haven't unlocked yet. They're still adding enemy types. Recently they added a healer, who is a bastard. He's real fast, runs by enemies and heals them if they've been injured, and can really mess you up if you don't have towers placed at spots after where they heal other enemies.

    HIGHLY recommend this tower defense game for peoples' phones. It's a blast.
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    dkirschner's Tower Defense: Lost Earth (Other)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 3 October, 2012

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 12 May, 2013

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Looks like a winner on Android! Fast and fun tower defense game. -------- It was awesome, but it seems I have stopped playing games on my phone. PC TD is better anyway.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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