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    benward's Magicka (PC)

    [October 8, 2012 01:05:27 AM]
    For my 6th gamelog, I chose to continue playing a game of the top-down MOBA genre after enjoying League of Legends. I decided to give a very popular game on Steam called Magicka a try. Magicka can be played in single player, cooperative mode against AI, and even has a player versus player mode (which I didn’t try). For my playthrough, I chose to play adventure mode with one other friend in cooperative mode. Immediately I was overtaken by the game’s hilarious storyline. There are many subtle references to other media/memes player will enjoy noticing, in addition to a hilarious story narrator Vlad (who is NOT a vampire!). The game has a much appreciated “figure-it-out-yourself” tutorial, allowing new players to experiment with the spell combination mechanic which is the core mechanic and feature of the game. You use combinations of eight different elements and energy to conjure various spells which can be used to kill enemies and venture across the map. For instance, say there is a giant body of water you must cross as an obstacle, you will discover that you can use the ice elemental spell to freeze the water temporarily and use it was navigable terrain. The neatest part about the game is that despite actual spellbook spells, you have complete spell casting power at the very start of the game. However, new players won’t use powerful combos until later in the game because virtually all of the spell-casting is skill based and learned through playing experience. Even more interesting, there are combos you can do specifically with a partner in cooperative mode. For example, you can merge two laser beam spell of the same element together to create one giant destructive laser. This makes cooperative synergy feel powerful and rewarding. Overall, the game’s storyline and innovative play style made for an extremely enjoyable experience, and my only complaint is that the game was too short. There is loads of DLC available, but available for loads of additional money I shouldn't be spending!
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    benward's Magicka (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 7 October, 2012

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