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    benward's Trine 2 (PC)

    [October 14, 2012 10:01:43 PM]
    For gamelog #7, Iím deciding to pick up where I left off prior on my platformer rampage. I actually preordered Trine 2 after loving the first Trine ages ago, but didnít have the chance to play it until just recently. In Trine 2, you play as one of three adventurers: an archer, a soldier, and a wizard. At any time during gameplay, you can transform between these various identities to the one whom which best would help aid you depending on the obstacles and enemies present in the level. Each of the three classes/avatars has different mechanics which constitute different necessary in game maneuvers for puzzle solving. The soldier is a large, tanky, fat man. He has a giant shield which can be used to block incoming projectiles and additionally a giant hammer he can use to smash through volatile terrain. The archer has a grappling hook which can be used to swing across and reach high to great distances. The wizard has levitating powers which he can use to move terrain to solve puzzles. The wizard can also craft boxes and planks out of thin air which have many uses. Every character class has a skill chart and their various abilities can be leveled up, in addition to new ones being unlocked. It is important to note that every time the player changes form to another class, the new character takes the exact location of the old character. In other words, if the soldier canít reach a high up ledge, the player can transform into an archer, grapple up the ledge, and then transform back into a soldier.

    Gameplay in Trine 2 is exceptionally fun and innovative. The puzzles are more skill based then they are true puzzles you need to sit down and think a while to solve. This is kind of nice in the sense that it keeps relatively fast-paced game flow. Gameplay is also significantly more fun if you play with three other friends in co-op mode, in which each of you are all playing a class at the same time. Trine has a lot to offer and comes out looking pretty strong in the realm of the indie game world. Not to mention, the game is absolutely gorgeous. I wish to give the artist one swell high-five theyíd never forget.

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    benward's Trine 2 (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 14 October, 2012

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