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    mmakows2's Angry Birds Space (iPd)

    [October 16, 2012 07:47:46 AM]
    When I heard that Rovio was releasing Angry Bird Space, I was kinda excited. As a huge supporter of the space program, I was intrigued on how they would be able to pull this off. Additionally, I only played the original Angry Birds a couple of times, nothing too strenuous. In Angry Birds Space, the rules of the original game are still intact. You must defeat the piggies but in a mix of zero-gravity and gravity induced environments. I like to think of this game as the Angry Birds for the Angry Birds “challenged,” the zero-gravity becomes a good friend but also can screw you over when you need it the most. Anyway, the game has very unique environments. You go through various planets such as Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Fry Me to The Moon, Utopia, Red Planet, Eggsteroids, and Danger Zone. As you go through the planets, of course, like any Angry Birds game it progressively gets harder. The great thing about Angry Birds Space is that you are in an environment in which is not really explored to a great extent. Not many games explore the physics in space, so, it was nice to actually have a game environment that could either benefit you or quite the opposite. Also, Angry Birds Space has new birds like a Space Eagle that destroys a predetermined amount of space. But the graphics of the game are very nice to the eye and tend to be a little distracting when trying to aim for a pig. Therefore, if you have been a fan of the Angry Bird series since the release of the first, then you will enjoy Angry Birds Space. The game has great graphics for an iOS game, a nice storyline, a cool environment, the absence of gravity, and piggies.
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    mmakows2's Angry Birds Space (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 8 March, 2012

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