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    sandee's 3D Motorbike Racing (Arcade)

    [October 18, 2012 09:28:12 PM]
    For GameLog eight, I chose to play, yet, another motor racing, 3D Motorbike Racing. The purpose of 3D Motorbike racing was to complete all three laps and the first at the finish line got the chance to unlock the other levels. There were six levels in total. I found the levels pretty interesting because they were all in different countries which meant that the racing would take place in those countries when unlocked. The instructions on how to play the game were pretty clear to understand and follow. The left key arrow was used to turn left, the right key arrow was used to turn right, the up arrow key was used to move forward, and the down arrow key was used to move backwards. I liked the idea that the players could customize their own motorcycles and choose the gender they want to be. It makes them feel involved with the game. What I also liked was the fact that the game could be played either by a single player or multi-players. Most of the games I have played did not have those options; therefore, it made the games boring. Also, I liked the fact that there was a map indicating how the road was. That made the racing a lot easier for me. Overall, there was nothing bad I disliked while laying 3D Motorbike racing. I enjoyed the game completely. If I had to recommend this game to anybody, I would. I would recommend it to people of all ages including old people and babies. It was worth the play. It was fun, stimulating, interesting, stress reliever, and enjoyable. On that note, I would encourage everyone to get his or her helmets on and get racing in this fast paced 3D Motorbike racing game.
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    sandee's 3D Motorbike Racing (Arcade)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 18 October, 2012

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