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    Jade's 5th Blue Conquest (PC)

    [January 16, 2007 08:36:48 AM]
    Visit #14:
    K, hit a by accident. It occurs to me that this log is exactly in the style that I've sort-of been telling the students not to do. Not to mention since this map takes place in the DS universe, none of you have a clue what I'm saying.

    Good thing I'm not being graded on this. MYA!

    So...Iron armor is still expensive in case you were wondering. Just got the torched wp, but I don't feel like triggering the numbskull cinematic quite yet because I have the late night munchies like a stoner. Please hold a moment. mmm...triscuits and nutella. Such 3am food. food for the jeved soul.

    WTF? Scarab tripped the "Imbecile and Numbskull" cinematic but they were both dead. In the 5 years i've been making this map, that has never...ever happened before. Oh my fail, that is annoying. Talk about an intermittent bug. Once/half decade. *kills more horde*

    Town Visit #17:
    The golem boss STILL ISNT DEAD! Oh wait, I think I heard him die on Scarab's computer. Anyway though, he just wiped out about half the town gaurds and he's been a problem sort of since the beginning.

    I remember a friend of mine commented that regaurdless of the game, Kobolds are always irritating little bastards. She had a point.

    Town "Visit" #19:
    Level 10 Arc (chain lightning) FTW! 200 damage to 12 targets is fun. Cast & fuggetaboutit. Damn, my triscuit just shattered. Ok, still can't touch battle mechs, but kobolds and golems go down like 3 kinds of fail. Cursed moutain waypoint is mine! And warriors armor. Sweetness. B15 CRYSTALED! Man. Freaking Kail. Just denied my health like a UC Berkley undergra applicant.

    Town Visit #19+n
    So we got the extravagent machine parts back to denmir no thanks to Teresa and her no-way-to-counter-magic-immune's business. Iron armor still expensive.

    Town Visit #19+n+2
    Scarab and I just took the angel cave so now Aki (the same character from the seminar for anyone who remembers it) is dead, and I came out with blarban ore, 5 units of gems and the "phat lewt" which I now have converted into the bling. My Iron Armor and Mage Attack are both maxed. Muaha!

    Town Visit #something
    Just took a short nap. Tired. Pwned up the SiV, go a martian hireling with all the upgrades dumped into it. Gotta stop now.
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    [January 16, 2007 05:21:24 AM]
    So its 1:46 and I have lab at 8 and i'm != tired. So, Scarab and I are tottally playing more 5th blue conquest.

    I'm going to post a log every time I have to return to town.

    Ok, so Scarab decided to play Carshain (The big beefy he-man hero) which unlocks the secret character Teresa, so I decided to play her. Teresa is a sort of scout mage, with lower level offensive magic, evasion, and a movement aura.

    Town Visit #1:
    Ok, just pwned up "The Marsh" and got some moneys for which to start upgrading the painfully expensive Iron armor. We got horded by The Horde. Go figure. Oops, Scarab just died. I should get back to the game.

    Town Visit #3:
    We just charged the Golem Hollow waypoint. They decided to attack the town. Bloody AI. I'm pretty sure I know what it is though. It sends an attack command that initializes before you warp and is popped off of the even stack after you're in town. The result is golems migrating through the gnoll forest to assault mars. I did the EXP spiral thing and jumped to level 8. Good times. My troll hireling got shafted. Iron armor is expensive as hell.

    Town "Visit" #4:
    I just had my ass handed to me by the golems. I wish I could make this map bigger. If I ever make it in a separate engine I need to allot out more space so there are more low-level areas. Hmm, 150 gold for beer? That might be a bit much. I should drop it to like 40. Can't afford to upgrade Iron Armor.

    Town Visit #7:
    K, tried goin through the golem hollow but the boss is magic immune. Lured him back to town. He killed Scarab. Scarab got Irritated. I tried going to the Ares Mountains but I lured back a few battle mechs. They killed the gaurds. Scarab got irritated. Went into the spider cave and Scarab's character has a NASTY multiplier against arachnids so everything died really fast. Currently on sales run to pay for more Iron Armor. Iron armor is expensive as hell.

    It's a bit of a problem that the items don't dissapear. They really start to clog up the map after a while.

    Town Visit #9:
    Alright, in Terra now, after finishing the spider bizniss. Got my chain lightning up now so I can pwn bitches Esme Valentine style. Got a cache of spider venom in case we need it. Scarab just found the rangers helm. Grr...dunno if I can talk him into giving that up. Iron Armor is expensive.

    I think I should add more health fountains. Or if it werent such a pain more waypoints. Walking back to town sucks.

    Town Visit #10:
    We've finally made our way to Jupiter and I totally ganked the Warrior's helm. Made some bank off of selling off a truckload of meat. Iron armor is expensive. Freaking 2 GOLD SHORT? Oh, COME ON! Where's a freaking gnoll. Bitch goin down. Scarab accused me of murdering a sheep. Maybe he has a point. He just gave me the troll forest viXen heart. That should help my B15 a bit.

    Town Visit #11:
    Freaking Junior just chased me back to the waypoint. So much for heading down that road. Jeved magic immunes. I need to hire a martian. Iron armor still too expensive. And Scarab keeps finding all the beer.
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    [January 15, 2007 08:57:30 AM]
    I've always had a bit of a hard time taking this map too seriously in terms of really being a game. A lot of the problem is the whole effect of an RPG made in a strategy engine is just a bit off.

    The biggest thing is the effect it has on the game's pacing...or lack there of.

    5th Blue Conquest never created any of the feeling of emmersion I wanted, and I think of it as a sort of plot/world outline for when I finally get off my ass and make a decent strategy game engine. It all just moves so slow. You click, order the one unit you have to go makes you feel like you are large-scale micromanaging one guy who really doesn't feel all that much like "you."

    It bugs me. I need a strategy engine. Then I can make the game for real and get rich and take over the world and make monday's illegal.
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    [January 11, 2007 11:39:04 PM]
    Ok, I've got to throw this in here because its another one of my stress games and I just played it because low and behold I still have a lot of 110a homework. Translation: PROCRASTINATION GO!

    5th Blue Conquest is the name of a Warcraft 3 custom scenario I first made back in ... 2002? And I've been poking and tweaking at it ever since. My friends and I have started to refer to it as its own game as it has pretty much nothing to do with the actual warcraft 3 game, and since I've been working on it for just under a quarter of my natural life, I've had a lot of time to work on it and develope and such.

    There are 20 playable characters, plus about 9 hidden, a bunch of easter eggs, etc. The average game takes somewhere between 5 to 9 hours depending on how completist you're being about things.

    ...ok, hold on...everthing is about to respawn.

    You know, these cutscenes just reek of "I made this in 11'th grade". I.e. they suck. But I could never change would just detract so much from the game...I mean, some of my friends know this map inside and out an they always giggle at the little bit with the skeleton henchmen.

    Man, I really need to get off my ass and make my own engine for this game. Frozen throne just isn't cutting it anymore.

    Actually, one of these days I should actually play frozen throne. Honestly, I got Warcraft III pretty much exclusively for its map editor. I was expecting it to be like the starcraft editor but better and I was right. It's sort of like GameMaker for strategy games. The scripting borders on programming language at times, especially with the way I deal with variables and function calls.

    I tried importing mp3's into it at one point, and learned that maps larger than 4 megs cant be shared across a network. I also learned that Mussorsky's Night On Bald Mountain is one of the best songs to hack shit up to, ever. No arguments.

    What was that? What'chu say?

    No. You're wrong.

    Night on Bald Mountain is better.


    You fail. At life.

    Aaaand just hacked the goblin shredder. This character would be so nasty in PvP, but no one ever wants to play PvP.

    You know, in general, people tend not to like PvP as much as Coop given the choice. Sort of an interesting counterpoint to the common "Conservative Mothers Against Anything Fun" attitude that video games are spawning grounds for antisocial and violent behaviour. Course, my mom spends a bunch of her time playing Diablo II, so maybe I'm not one to talk.

    hmm. One of the biggest problems with this map, and sort of an issue I have generally with making RPG's in the WC3 engine, is that there really is no middle ground between magic vulnerability an magic immunity.

    Sooner or later and RPG is going to throw an item with Magic Immunity at the player. In this RPG there is the complete mages set, and the Layer Armor. Both of which are a royal pain in the Nanto to get, but whenever people play the game (people who know it anyway), their primary mission objective is: "Get the layer armor".

    Its like, even though its a hard thing to aquire, the level of protection it offers almost makes it a prerequisite for doing much of anything else. So you learn how to get it and it's not really all that hard after all. If you're quick you can be the first to rush the angel palace, but mostly you hope you can get lucky warren hunting in that little lake in the Jp colony or the trees behind the cursed mountains or if you're really brave, you go for the Kailu straights or something to get that Warren heart for the Layer Armor recipe.

    But the point is, once you get the layer armor, you can only get hurt by physical damage, so in the later game, the only way to make an enemy harder is to up the attack and defense, which doesn't really add challenge, it just changes the degree to which you have to power level before you can take on certain things. It's tedious and I want a way around it. Hence the desire for my own engine to make the map in. Who knows, maybe Alessa will pull it off.

    Thats enough of this for now, I should do something productive and stop procrastinating
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    Jade's 5th Blue Conquest (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 11 January, 2007

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