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    jwhite16's Metroid Fusion (GBA)

    [October 28, 2012 12:33:36 PM]
    Metroid Fusion is an interesting action adventure game that follows after Super Metroid. The graphics in the game are very detailed and the gameplay is a third person shooter. The backgrounds have evolved tremendously since its previous games and players feel less claustrophobic in this game than the previous. Samus, the main character of the game, has a different look too. Her suit is now an organic blue color and its interesting because it changed due to the fact that an X-parasite has been infected to her and bonded with her. The X-parasites are these little plasma creatures that bond with other organic beings and enhance them by making them stronger, larger, and increasingly violent. Samus is able to bond with any of these parasites and by absorbing them she gains health, weapon ammo, and energy. During the game, Samus is able to pick up new weapons and abilities such as a missile upgrade, energy beam, freeze beam, space jump, and morph ball ability which allows her to travel anywhere in the game. The developers made it so that the player is told step by step where to go in the mission and they are given a map that shows the locations of the next objectives. This way, a player can literally beat the game in three to four hours if they want to, although this would not give them much time to collect the many items in the game. There are many secrets in the game that include extra health energy packs, more missiles and weapon enhancers that the player won’t be able to get if they rush trying to beat the game. The game also has security doors which control the areas where the player is allowed to go and where they are not allowed. When the player begins to level up their character, more security doors open up. Eventually the player won’t be restricted to any area in the game. The mechanics of the game are fairly simple to understand because they have the ability to jump, double jump, grab walls, shoot, and fire diagonally. Understanding these basic mechanics is what the developers do in the beginning so that the player can go through the game without trouble.
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    jwhite16's Metroid Fusion (GBA)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 28 October, 2012

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