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    Prodimator's Assassins Creed III (360)

    [November 26, 2012 12:24:11 PM]
    This past week I finally finished Assassinís Creed III. I am disappointed. This game was built up to be something so spectacular, and gameplay-wise, it was, but other than that, nope. The missions and battle system were fantastic. No mission felt the same as another. The naval battles were something that was completely unexpected and it was pulled off with fabulous fashion. The animations and fighting combos were beyond amazing and incredibly fluid. But that is more or less the end of the exciting aspects. The story was at most mediocre. Connorís story was acceptable, confusing most of the time, but it was not too difficult to swallow. Desmondís on the other hand, was poor. It consisted of the usual ďfight the Templars before they take over the worldĒ and go here and do something real fast and then come back. Characters were introduced in ways that played them off to be really important but then left in the dust without an ending. Even the characters that have lasted most, if not all of the story, were left without a proper ending or even a purpose in this game. They were just there. The game was essentially left without an ending. There was an ending all right, but it was extremely dull. It just kind of happened and that was that. It was nothing radical or surprising either. To add to that, the ending cutscene seemed to pull a Mass Effect and offer you a choice but then completely reject the playerís existence and go about its merry way and choose for you.

    Now that Iím done and can form a complete view of the game, I didnít hate it, I didnít even dislike it. I was just hopeful and let down. Brotherhood still remains way above the rest in my book.
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    [November 5, 2012 12:13:36 PM]
    This past week was blessed with the release of the third numbered installment in the Assassins Creed series. Itís great. Itís huge. Itís beautiful. When I first started playing the game, I instantly noticed how amazingly fluid the game was. The previous Assassins Creed games have had a pretty expansive animation system, but Assassins Creed 3 took the animation system to a whole new level. It was the subtle things that got me really excited, like how the characterís walk changes ever so slightly when going up or down stairs or how the run at the very beginning is combination of different steps to gain momentum followed by the occasional burying of the head. And the tree climbing. I was quite skeptical as to how they would pull this off but after finally trying it out, I am extremely impressed.
    To add to the super robust animation system, is a game that is so massive in scale that it is very intimidating at first. Think Skyrim big. I was initially shocked at how this game felt less like Assassins Creed and more along the lines of a Skyrim type RPG. It is an open-world action/adventure game that allows the player to travel between a massive frontier and big cities, with countless side quests, hunting, a trading/resource system, and many others. It is a bit overwhelming, much like Skyrim was at first. I was a bit disappointed at first because the Assassins Creed games have always had this feeling to the game that put them away from most other games, but it was pretty obvious that AC3 was heavily inspired by games such as Skyrim. But in the end, I wonít complain too much about that because Ubisoft put their own spin on it, and it is a fantastic game.
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    Prodimator's Assassins Creed III (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 5 November, 2012

    Prodimator's opinion and rating for this game

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